raduate course of study teaching plan, each undergraduate teaching plan is under the guidance of certain principles by the students free choice of courses composed of students with individual adaptability, but not universally applicable Sex. So, when a student graduates, all the courses a professional graduate CCEA XP it exam can take may be varied and varied. Each university has a very lenient policy on the conversion of students. As long as the students make an application, they can usually meet the requirements. Students can also change their major on many occasions. Of course, after switching majors, we should choose professional courses according to the requirements of the majors. A large proportion of undergraduate students in the United States have continuing education students, students transferring from other universities, as well as students coming from first-rate colleges or community colleges, while others come from senior middle school graduates who have started college undergraduate courses The Citrix Certification teaching plans for these students, schools have detailed rules and requirements. Syllabus plays a very important role in undergraduate teaching in American CCEA XP universities. Each course has a detailed and full syllabus. The syllabus is not only the main teaching document for filing and archiving, but also the basic basis for teacher teaching. It is the main guide for students to carry out the course study. Some universities enter the syl

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
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1Y0-913 CCEA XP MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Enterprise Ed, Feature Release 3: Administration Citrix CCEA XP
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1Y0-992 MetaFrame Presentation Server withFeature Release 3 Deployment and Support CCEAQandA Citrix CCEA XP