ple hanging up enough Also punched and kicked Living room, Deng BEA8.1 Certified Architect Certification it exam Zhichun wearing a reading glasses to repair a shabby accordion, with quick-drying plastic box break One by one sticky good. Deng Guangming stood aside Uncle, so broken piano repaired him doing Deng Zhichun to the granddaughter, This accordion accompanied my daughter for 20 years, the child used to see her mother Things, we will feel warm. Deng Guangming nodded. Deng Zhichun BEA8.1 Certified Architect Certification Where did you say just now, did the girl organize a team himself Deng Guangming BEA Certification Yeah, without her fathers dad backing her, she did not have the courage to take the snow away Deng Zhichun stopped Her father is Luo Shijie Deng Guangming The problem is here If it is Mayor Luo to collapse our team, it is not easy to handle. Deng Zhichun continue to repair accordion, dull tone No matter who is the opponent, the rules of the basketball tribal is fair and equitable, the snow is the new champion we won the championship weight, who can not dig anyone who digs Deng Guangming Uncle, you mean Deng Zhichun calmly tribal peace talks. Ye Wen riding a motorcycle carrying a high flying over, parked in the open basketball court under the basket. Fly down motorcycle, take a look around, I do not

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
0B0-105 BEA8.1 Certified Architect:Enterprise Architecture BEA BEA8.1 Certified Architect Certification
0B0-400 BEA 8.1 Certified Tech Sales Consultant: WebLogic Platform BEA BEA8.1 Certified Architect Certification
0B0-401 BEA Certified Technical Sales Consultant: AquaLogic Platform BEA BEA8.1 Certified Architect Certification
0B0-410 BEA Certified Support Associate: WebLogic Server 9/10 BEA BEA8.1 Certified Architect Certification