o not know it. Finally, Camberley and others decided to let Bossick look for an opportunity to interview Milken. That summer, Bouskey went to Denver for a fund-raising meeting for the Joint Jewish Appeal, during which time Larry Rice, chairman of MDC, a client of Drexel Burnham Lambert Company, Zell home small sit. When Bouskey left, an FBI man appeared, Axis Certification interrogating whom Manzil came to his house. When Missela confirmed that Bouskey was his guest, the man asked him to provide a telephone record. Midzer called Jim Dahl about it. You do not believe it, he said nervously, the FBI just left my home, he explained, who asked him Axis it exam about Bouskeys situation. Dahl told Lowell Milken this incident, Lowell called his brother Michael, so Dahl to repeat the matter again. After listening to Michael Milken Axis surprised face pale, like to see a ghost like. Since then, Millken pointed out that dealing with Boothskey should be careful, and he may have to monitor the language. However, Milwaukee promised when Bouskey called John Milken to meet in mid-October. Soon, Gary Motask received a call from Charles Sener. Motasco, formerly a trader at the Beverly Hills division of Delacomer Burnham Lambert, was later transferred to New York headqu

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