Gentlemen must hold the purpose for the sake of study. Into the law scholars, non-officials into the business section, not to get rich, there must be spirit of independence Axis Certified Professional it exam and fear and the meaning of. Mr Choi put it very well, which is precisely for the task of bearing the culture of the future. According to my understanding, if Peking University wants to become a truly first-class university and continue to occupy an important position in the ideological and cultural pattern of the entire country and the world as a whole, and play a unique role, Peking University should focus its attention on the ideology, culture, The long-term development of academia must not be short-sighted and pursue Axis Certification the immediate benefits and fashion. It should be acknowledged that at any time, due to the current climate and demand, some popular disciplines are formed. For example, the philosophy of the Axis Certified Professional May 4th Movement, the literature of the 1980s, As for the current economy and law, university education should certainly respond to the needs of such an era. However, different types of schools sh

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