triggered the reform movement in medical education in the United States. In 1928, Felixner, 62, retired to Oxford University in the UK to give lectures and give him an idea of British university education. In 1930, Fleischner published Universities in American, English, German Universities American, English, German. In comparison, he published his own views on the university, got wide attention from the society and brought him a new starting point for business, which greatly affected the development of world scientific research. This was unexpected. In the book, The University of the United States, Britain and Germany, the first chapter Assessment: IBM WebSphere it exam of the opening chapter of Flexner is The Idea of a Modern University. Unlike the 75-year-old Newmans The Idea of IBM Certification a University and shows that, like all human institutions, universities change over time. For Flexner, a university is something within the general society of a given era, not from outside the organization. It is not isolated, historical, as far as possible not to give in to some new force On the contrary, it is an expression of the times and has an impact on the present and in the future. Note Abraham Flexner. Universities American, English German. New York Oxford University Press. Assessment: IBM WebSphere 1968, pp. 3 36 According to Fleischner, the university should keep

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