thout fear, Tanzania undaunted to bear the eyes of aristocrats burning. Yesterday night, your Majesty personally rushed to the ceremony responsible for the work Aruba Certification of the ceremony guard training soldiers, Aruba talked to me a few words, and then went back to the way His Majesty back, I have been with the side. is this real Who is so bold, dare to lie on this occasion The eyes of the nobility are still full of doubts, however, Wade King finally cross the border. We must find out the truth, Aruba it exam take decisive measures to put an end to such things happen again. Just find out that the dance is really true or false, as long as a little investigation, you can get to the bottom. Ji who is, the truth will come to light, is not it Has remained silent Fu Yu Xuan watched Wade King s face, meaningful to the court Zhongchen said. Well, here today, you are ready to go back to sacrifice it. Ladies and gentlemen have dispersed, Wade King s side only Chen Lu and Wang Chou, as well as around attendants. None of them spoke. That morning, as if suddenly Wade King for ten years. The sun rose higher and higher. You

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