fe, sitting on the second floor of the hall, staring at the window. One o clock at night, Margaret and her three friends boarded the carriage. I also jumped onto a light carriage followed by her. Her car stopped at the door of Ngong Tan Street. Marguerite came down from the car, a man returned home. It might be accidental for her to go home alone, but this accident made me feel very happy. Since then, I have often been in the theater, in the Champs Elysees met Margaret, she has been so happy and I have always been so excited. However, there are two weeks where I have not encountered her. When I met Gaston, I asked him for her news. The poor girl is very ill, he answered. What disease is she She s born with Aruba Certification lung disease, and she s living that kind of life is no good for her illness, she s lying in bed and dying. The heart was Aruba Certification it exam so elusive I was almost glad to hear of her condition. I Aruba Certification went to inquire about her condition every day, but I neither let people write down my name, did not leave my business card. I

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