o, the horizontal killed Cai Yingxiong reached out to take the ball away, David could not hold, severely hit Cai David who fell far from the hero, Tsai hero is unmoved. Guo Jianping Oh Tsai Ying-yung dribble to the basket, Sun Lei up to rely on him, with his elbow withstand his shoulder, Tsai Ying-hsiung suddenly a withdrawal, Sun Lei lost his balance, threw himself to the ground. Goofy down breath This guy is awesome Tsai hero aiming a rebound, a half-basket jump shot The players are looking up at this ball. The ball drew an arc, turned out to be a non-stick, fly out of bounds. Luo Minmin some wonder No, right Cai Yingxiong midfielder dribble Li Xiaoguang easily steals the basket near the ball but hit the board pop-up, unprotected circumstances actually dribble his mistakes, jumper But cast a three non-stick Guo Jianping watching Cai Yingxiong played a series of vegetable balls, completely gone just excited. Luo Minmin pouting No wonder called Tsai hero, it really is a vegetable Rest time, Luo Minmin chat with Cai Android Certification Yingxiong Did Android you hit the basketball Cai Yingxiong No, Im a football goalkeeper. Luo Minmin Qiang Yan laugh Oh. Cai Yingxiong I Android it exam always like basketball Really, I do not want to go to the door, my father must let me practice the goalkeeper, because he was the goalkeeper, but I have made up my mind, I

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
OA0-002 Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic Android Android Certification
AND-401 Android Application Development Android Android Certified Trainer