mainland China is basically a specialized branch education. The ideal paradigm for training is a professional and technical personnel. Even the nationwide comprehensive university is severely divided internally and lacks interdisciplinary interaction and integration. Today, there have been many improvements to the curriculums of undergraduates in universities in our country. For example, interdisciplinary public elective American College Certification courses have been set up to allow students of different departments to cross each other. Each student should American College have at least 10 credits of public elective courses . In addition, many faculties list College Chinese as a compulsory public basic course. Generally speaking, however, undergraduate education basically still American College it exam follows three general principles public basic courses compulsory, basic courses compulsory or elective, and specialized courses compulsory and elective. This is still a mode of training professionals rather than generalists Training mode. Among them, the teachers and students have the most views First, in the public basic course, six to seven courses of political theory, the proportion is too large, and the teaching effect is minimal Second, professional basic courses and specialized

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HS-330 Fundamentals of Estate Planning Test American College American College Certification
HS330 Fundamentals of Estate Planning test American College American College Certification