ical combination of the ratio to form a molecule these molecules are combined to form a variety of American College Certification compounds These compounds form the whole universe. 9. The smallest atom known is the hydrogen atom, which weighs 1700 times the electron. A mercury atom The weight is 300,000 times that of electrons. Electrons are purely negatively charged, since the electrons and the other one of the cosmos can The amount of light, heat, electricity, thought 189,380 miles per second has the same speed potential, What time and space are not mention it. 10. The speed of light to determine, that is very interesting. The speed of light is controlled by a American College Certification Danish astronomer named Romer In 1676 by observation of Jupiter s eclipse measured. When Earth is closest to Jupiter, Jupiter eclipse Occurred eight and a half minutes earlier than expected, and when the Earth is located farthest from Jupiter, Jupiter The lunar eclipse was delayed by eight and a half minutes. Romer concludes that the reason for this is the light coming from Jupiter Need to have 17 minutes through the Earth orbital radius, which caused the Earth Jupiter distance difference. This conclusion It was later verified that the speed of movement American College Certification it exam of light is 186,000 miles per second. 11.Electronics in the human body as if the performance of cells, they have enough to make them perfect in the human body Running the variou

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HS330 Fundamentals of Estate Planning test American College American College Certification