ome one of Feng Youlans biggest heart disease. In the 20th century, China experienced the most suffering ever. From the Boxer Rebellion and the invasion of the Eight-Power Allied Forces, the war between the warlords and the Japanese aggression and large-scale civil war went through the middle of the 1950s until the political movement of the 1950s, the famine of the 1960s and the Cultural Revolution. Some people say suffering makes people think, but if the face of misery is not human, but machine or tool, whether there will be thinking In short, if Tsinghua University has passed 90 years ago, if we still can not understand the meaning and role of general education, we will not be able to clear the soil that produces autocracy and AccessData Certification corruption. The whole society will AccessData be insignificant in personality, fatigued and spiritually exhausted Exacerbated. In the long run, the dream of a world power for more than a century can only be in the foreseeable future. The origin of Jin Yaoji University, in the history of China and the West, can be AccessData it exam traced back to Qin and Greece. But the study of H. Rashdall, a university we are familiar with today, is a system of no doubt in the Middle Ages. Menti

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