not matter, the ants are green. The gecko yawned Oh, its early in the morning, hey. Street No one over the sky, flying slowly carrying the gecko, Gecko crooked ACSA it exam on his shoulder asleep. Arena team players in training, we scraping positive, enthusiasm high. Snowstorm stood on the sidelines shouting Peng Tao most good lateral movement, and then suddenly turned around, Tsai hero, you and fly defense to pay attention. Tsai Ying-hsiung Oh. He and high flying with the lateral run Moving David. Snow new David, your action is Apple Certification too slow, Peng Tao at least twice as fast as you Davids ball was cut off by high-flying, white snow a new look. Stadium edge, Guo Jianping and Luo Minmin looked at the court, Luo Minmin The snow is still a very strict coach. Guo Jianping smiled He is most aware of the Eastern Giants, the next with the ACSA Giants his opinion is very important. Snow new too slow, the Giants body stronger than us, the card bit must be timely, come back again David muttered Do you think you really coach Sun Lei side Dribble a carry, defensive David fell to the ground, Tsai hero a hand to break his ball. Luo Minmin Why did not a play on Cai Yingxio

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
9L0-505 APPLE 9L0-505 Apple ACSA
9L0-606 System Administration of Mac OS Apple ACSA
9L0-607 System Administration Using Mac Apple ACSA
9L0-609 Mac OS X Deployment v10.4 Apple ACSA
9L0-610 Xsan Administration v1.1 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-611 Directory Services Integration and Administration v10.4 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-612 Security Best Practices for Mac OS X v10.4 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-613 Podcast and Streamed Internet Media Administration Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-614 Mao OS X Server Command Line Install and Configuration v10.4 Apple ACSA
9L0-615 Network Account Management v10.4 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-616 Xsan Administration v10.4 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-619 Mac OS X Deployment v10.5 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-623 Mac OS X Deployment 10.6 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-624 Mac OS X Directory Services 10.6 Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-626 ACSA 10.6 Recertification Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-E04 iOS Qualification Exam Apple ACSA
9L0-E04-RO iOS Qualification Exam Apple ACSA