Transgender / Gender Identity Resources

The NCGS Board of Trustees established a task force to develop a position statement and member resources addressing the unique issues facing all-girls schools related to transgender persons. The following is not an exhaustive list, but a selection of key materials to aid our member schools in the creation of their own policies.

NCGS Position Statement & Recommendations

Peer Network

The NCGS Transgender Peer Network are girls’ school administrators who have agreed to be a resource that can be called upon to share their professional experience related to either serving on a transgender/gender identity task force at their school, developing transgender/gender identity policy or guidelines, and/or working through transgender/gender identity issues on their campus.

Sample Task Force Objectives, Policies, & Guidelines

Girls’ Schools

Women’s Colleges

Government & Coed School Associations

Speakers, Educators, & Consultants


View the Research Database for studies related to transgender/gender diverse youth in PK-12 schools.

Videos & Films

Educational Resources