Transgender / Gender Identity Resources

The following is not an exhaustive list, but a selection of key materials to aid member schools with addressing the unique issues facing all-girls schools related to gender identity and transgender topics.

NCGS Position Statement & Recommendations

The NCGS Board of Trustees established a task force in 2014, which reformed in 2018, to explore the question, “How could our schools be inclusive communities, yet at the same time remain true to our missions of all-girls?” Among the various task force recommendations was the creation of a Position Statement & Recommendations (reviewed annually) to help schools consider how they can best support students/alumnae who are in the process of questioning their identity or who have confirmed their gender identity.

Glossary of Terms

The vocabulary of gender continues to evolve. This glossary is provided to familiarize yourself with current language and examples of frequently used (and misused) terms.

Consultants, Educators, & Speakers

As your school works to educate its community on issues related to transgender and gender questioning persons and make decisions, policies or guidelines, and/or procedures related to transgender and gender non-conforming students/alumnae/faculty, NCGS recommends working with outside experts.

Peer Network

The Peer Network is girls’ school administrators who can be contacted to share their professional experience and insight related to either serving on a task force, developing policy or guidelines, and/or working with families to address transgender and gender identity needs on their campus.

Research, Guides, & Toolkits

Search the Transgender & Gender Identity section of the NCGS Research Database for studies, guides, and toolkits related to transgender and gender diverse youth in PK-12 schools.

Sample Task Force Objectives, Policies, & Guidelines

Girls’ Schools: View Samples

Women’s Colleges: View Samples

Government & Coed School Associations: View Samples

Supporting Transgender Educators in Schools

Looking for further information? Consult the following organizations: