Light Fly, Fly High

Released: 2013
Rating: NR
Runtime: 80 mins.
Light Fly, Fly High

Light Fly, Fly High tells the personal and story about Thulasi, a young girl in contemporary India who refuses to accept her position at the very bottom of the social ladder.

Thulasi had a rough time growing up in a society where girls are expected to be obedient, dutiful and willing to get married when their parents tell them to. But Thulasi was always different. She doesn’t want to wear a saree, she’s not interested in cooking, and she decided from an early age that she would never be anyone´s wife. Born outside caste she is expected not to dream of greater things, but Thulasi is determined to live life on her own terms. She wants to be someone. She wants to be a boxer. Light Fly, Fly High follows this courageous girl through three eventful years with many unexpected turns.

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