Global Team

A task force of representatives from girls’ school organization around the world are working together as the steering and visioning group for the pilot program. Collaborating on developing and implementing the framework for the pilot cohort are:

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Natalie Demers | Director of Research Initiatives & Programs and Director of the Global Action Research Collaborative on Girls’ Education

Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia Jan Richardson | Director of Research

Association of State Girls’ Schools Julian Dutnall | Head at Frances Bardsley Academy, past President of Association of State Girls’ Schools, and CEO of Life Education Trust

European Association Single-Sex Education Dr. Gloria Gratacós | Research Director & Advisory Body member and Dean of Education at Villanueva University

Girls’ Day School Trust and Girls’ Schools Association Kevin Stannard | Director of Innovation and Learning at Girls’ Day School Trust (representing both GDST and GSA during the 2019-2020 school year) and Amy Icke | Online Learning and Innovation Manager at Girls’ Day School Trust

Academy of Our Lady of Peace Bridgette Ouimette | Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives