Program Info & Application

Expectations of the Global Action Research Collaborative on Girls’ Education

Professional Development
  • Training in and experience with action research which can be shared with other faculty in the school.
  • Writing a research paper that can potentially be submitted for publication.
  • Presenting at the annual NCGS Conference or Global Forum as well as other regional or national programs in home country and abroad.
  • Working with teachers from all-girls schools in other countries.
  • Platform for showcasing the ongoing work in developing best practices for teaching girls.
  • Marketing and admissions tool.
  • Demonstrates a school’s thought leadership and intentionality on developing best practice.
  • Provide format for teachers to reflect on how they operate, teach and assess how girls learn best.
  • Creating an environment among faculty members where research is incorporated in best and reflective practice.
  • Retention tool for teachers eager to grow.
  • Improve student outcomes at the school.

Expectations of Global Action Research Fellows

  • Current teacher at an all-girls school who will remain at the same school for the duration of the program.
  • Minimum of three years teaching experience at an all-girls school.
  • Actively participate in full program with support of Head of School.
  • Attend NCGS Conference for training at start of program and the following year’s NCGS Conference for training of new cohort and presentation of findings to conference attendees.
  • Bi-weekly check-ins with mentor during research and writing phase.
  • Monthly meetings with pilot cohort of 8-10 teacher-researchers which will take place as part of training program.
  • Follow the guidelines and deadlines for action research process including training assignments, research and writing deadlines.
  • Outcome includes an original written research report, poster outlining study and findings, and presentation at annual NCGS Conference or Global Forum.

Cost to School

  • Travel to two consecutive NCGS conferences for required training and presenting.
  • Support or release time for conducting research and writing research report during the academic year.

Applications for the 2021-2022 cohort of “teacher-researcher” Fellows for the Global Action Research Collaborative on Girls’ Education will open on July 27.


Contact Natalie Demers, Director of Research Initiatives & Programs.