Pre- & Post-Conference Activities

Pre-Conference: Monday, June 24, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Workshop: Answer the Rising Call for Women’s Leadership in Independent Schools

We are on the cusp of unprecedented new opportunities for women to make their mark as independent school leaders. Projections are that nearly 70% of current sitting heads will retire over the next decade, and competition for outstanding school leaders will be increasingly robust. Meanwhile, search committees already are demanding a more diverse array of candidates, and search consultants are eager to bring to schools more women candidates.

This interactive workshop is designed to prepare and empower emerging leaders and aspiring school heads to pursue administrative positions in independent schools.

Presenters include inspiring school leaders and top search consultants who will provide current perspectives on the most important trends in independent school leadership today, along with insights gleaned from their own leadership journeys and practical guidance on shaping your career planning. Search consultants will provide an insider’s view on the search process, how to prepare the materials you will need – cover letter, resume, educational philosophy, etc. – and the skills and experiences that can help you become an effective candidate.

Other relevant questions we will explore together include: What are the rewards in being a school head or senior administrator, and how do you manage the challenges? What are strategies for keeping work and family life as balanced as possible? If the job you really want is in another city, how to handle the challenges of relocation? How do you cultivate mentors, advocates, and allies? What other institutional resources are available, such as the NAIS Aspiring Heads Fellowship and the Women’s Leadership Seminar sponsored by The Head’s Network?

Over the course of the workshop, participants will connect with supportive educational leaders, gain exposure to some of best thinking on leadership development, and be energized to pursue their leadership ambitions with enhanced savvy, confidence, and vision.

PANELISTS: Kimberly Field-Marvin, Headmistress | Louise S. McGehee School; Wanda Holland Greene, Head of School | The Hamlin School; Laura Hotchkiss, Associate Head for Academics and Director of the Upper School | Marlborough School; and Martha Perry, Principal | St. Clement’s School and President | NCGS Board of Trustees

FACILITATORS: Ann Teaff, Former Head of School | The Harpeth Hall School and Executive Coaching Consultant | Carney Sandoe & Associates; Bill Christ, Former Head of School | Hathaway Brown School and Senior Search Consultant | Carney Sandoe & Associates; Jennifer Wong Christensen, Search Consultant | Carney Sandoe & Associates; Karen Neitzel, Search Consultant | Carney Sandoe & Associates; and Karen Whitaker, Search Consultant | Carney Sandoe & Associates

School Visits

  • Option 1: Girls Academic Leadership Academy and Marlborough School
    • Stop One: Girls Academic Leadership Academy
      • Visit the very first all-girls public (free) school in the state of California with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Learn how we use an advisory system centered in leadership and growth mindset, open enrollment in Advanced Placement courses, and an array of electives from broadcast journalism to engineering to robotics to keep high interest and involvement in STEM courses.
    • Stop Two: Marlbrough School
      • This visit to Marlborough will highlight the School’s new Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI). Hear from teachers and students from each program – Robotics, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Research, Student Publications, and Digital Citizenship – and tour the facility to view student work.
  • Option 2: The Archer School for Girls and Marymount High School
    • Stop One: The Archer School for Girls
      • Explore Archer’s signature programs and tour the vibrant spaces designed for the kind experiential learning Archer is known for. Hear from the faculty who lead and developed these programs to gain their insights into how to build or enhance your own. Participants will choose two of the three offerings: Honors Research in Science & Engineering in Archer’s IDEAlab, our award-winning Journalism and online news site in the Publications Center, and Archer’s Film Festival in our MediaSpace.
    • Stop Two: Marymount High School
      • Participants will enjoy touring Marymount’s spaces and engaging in a hands-on experience similar to something in which the students would engage in). They will also learn how the School weaves interdisciplinary experiences into their M3 Studio and Digital Resource Center.

Post-Conference: Wednesday, June 26, 1:15 PM – 4:10 PM

Insider’s Tour: Carnegie Observatories

What is dark energy? How did the universe form – and how is it evolving? Astronomers at the Carnegie Observatories – Pasadena’s oldest scientific establishment – have been exploring these questions and more since 1904. This exciting “insider’s look” will include an opportunity to hear about Carnegie Observatories’ historic and contemporary research and achievements from Director Dr. John Mulcahey and well as tours of Carnegie’s historic library and its state-of-the-art Machine Shop, where instruments and other parts for Carnegie’s large telescopes in Chile are made. Join us as we reach for the stars – and beyond!

School Visits

  • Alverno Heights Academy and Mayfield Senior School
    • Stop One: Alverno Heights Academy
      • Guests will be treated to a tour of Alverno’s 13-acre campus including the historic Villa del Sol d’Oro. Following the tour, Julia Fanara, Head of School and Sara McCarthy, Director of Enrollment and Student Engagement, will present an overview of Alverno’s unique student government program featuring outstanding student leaders. The program, modeled after the U.S. government, allows over 50% of the student population to be involved and have a voice in campus government.
    • Stop Two: Mayfield Senior School
      • The visit to Mayfield Senior School will include a tour of their historic building, Strub Hall, and a presentation on the School’s partnership with the Girls Scouts of America which brought their award-winning robotics program to the Mayfield campus.