2016 Global Forum on Girls’ Education

The 2016 Global Forum on Girls’ Education, Creating a World of Possibilities, was held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York, NY, February 7-9, 2016. NCGS proudly hosted this groundbreaking conference in partnership with pre-eminent educational organizations from all over the globe including our founding partner, the Young Women’s Leadership Network, as well as the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, The Association of Boarding Schools, Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, European Association of Single-Sex Education, Girls’ Schools Association (U.K.), Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, New York State Association of Independent Schools, Online School for Girls, Philippine Alliance for Girls’ Education, South African Girls’ Schools Association, Women’s College Coalition, and Young Women’s Preparatory Network.

Much has been made about the “flattening” of our world and the increasing connectedness between countries, cultures, and individuals. No longer can we work under the assumption that our actions will not have consequences in some other place or time. As educators, we play a critical role in empowering girls with tools and an informed perspective to reach their full potential and become influential contributors to and leaders of our complex and changing world.

The Global Forum brought together over 950 leading educators, researchers, advocates, authors, practitioners, and related-industry leaders from 23 countries to exchange best practices and innovative approaches for academic excellence and the healthy development of girls. We addressed themes and topics that are universal in nature, such as Leadership, Health & Wellness, STEAM, Civic/Community Engagement, Classroom Innovation, Strategic School Advancement, Testing & Assessment, and Teaching & Curriculum.

In addition to internationally recognized keynote speakers and traditional breakout sessions, NCGS proudly had the Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN) as the sponsor of a dedicated Public School Symposium on Sunday, February 7. YWLN presented this symposium in honor of the 20th anniversary of the founding of its flagship school, which changed the landscape for all-girls public education in the U.S.

Thank you for joining us in February 2016 to Create a World of Possibilities— for ourselves as educators, for our schools, and, most importantly, for our girls.

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