Conference Themes & Goals

Overarching Themes

  • What are the reasons – historical, social, cultural, educational and beyond – as to why a vast majority of girls choose not to pursue studies and/or careers in STEM-related fields?
  • How can educators empower girls to shift this paradigm, both in and out of the classroom?
  • Why are girls’ schools exceptional environments for “bucking the trend” and graduating a disproportionate number of young women who pursue science degrees (as proven by NCGS-sponsored research and other national studies)?
  • Why is it so critical to incorporate the arts (“A”) into all other fields of study?


  • Create a professional learning network based on a shared field of inquiry; educational challenge; and/or teaching philosophy.
  • Participate in at least one hands-on activity.
  • Come away with at least one lesson plan or activity that can be used during the next academic year.
  • Hear and learn from a range of top STEAM thought leaders.
  • Connect educators to private sector STEAM resources.
  • Develop a clearer picture of the future of STEAM education and brainstorm an action plan for attaining it.