2019 Course Syllabus

Unit 0

All participants start with an online learning orientation. Participants learn how to navigate the learning platform and meet their classmates.

Unit 1

The objective of the first week is to introduce course participants to girls’ schools today. The unit begins with the biggest of pictures: becoming familiar with the history, values, culture, and mission of girls’ schools. Participants then learn about the global community of girls’ schools and the ties that bind us together. Participants then discuss findings and engage in case studies.

Unit 2

In Unit 2, participants focus on how to support and encourage girls’ academic success and emotional wellbeing. They begin by exploring primary research on girls’ education, in particular focusing on two NCGS studies: Fostering Academic and Social Engagement and Steeped in Learning. They also learn about concepts that are paramount when teaching girls, such as growth mindset, mindfulness, and the importance of strong female mentors and role models. Participants then hear from several current faculty about their strategies to set their students up for success. At the end of the unit, participants discuss findings and engage in case studies.

Unit 3

The final unit of the course is designed to help participants explore a particular area of interest, synthesize the experience they had in the course, and reflect on how they will apply what they have learned in their new roles. They explore the NCGS Research Database and hear directly from heads of girls’ schools about what makes this community so special. At the end of the unit, participants choose a specific piece of research that resonates with them and describe how it has helped them think in a new way. Also, they are asked to take a moment for introspection and write a letter to themselves setting goals for the coming year.