Introduction to Girls’ Schools Course


Introduction to Girls’ Schools, offered in partnership with One Schoolhouse, is designed as an orientation to girls’ schools for newly hired teachers, be they seasoned educators or new to the profession.

“If you want to learn about the environment of an all-girls school, you should take this course. It provides research, suggestions, and case studies, and is a perfect blend of academic discourse and practical teaching strategies.”

Led by accomplished, respected girls’ school educators, participants will explore research on girls’ education and hear directly from experts in the field on how girls learn best. They will then apply this new knowledge to classroom and school settings and receive feedback on their thoughts from expert mentors. By the end of the three-week experience, teachers will gain a clear sense of what it means to work in an all-girls school; understand research related to girls’ education and demonstrate they can apply it to their own practice; and connect to a national cohort of faculty members and learn they are a part of a worldwide community of educators.

“I had so much fun with this class! …it was truly eye-opening. I liked that it was multi-media and included articles, live interviews, and TED talks. The discussion prompts were spot-on and thought-provoking.”

Course Format

Introduction to Girls’ Schools is a three-week long course and requires participants to spend approximately four hours a week engaged in the class. Coursework and assignments for each unit open on Monday morning and should be completed by the following Sunday evening. Participants will connect and collaborate with each other through interactive media, including short videos and discussion boards. The class is entirely asynchronous, meaning there is no specific required time to be online, and class-paced so participants can work together and engage in discussion. Participants and facilitators report the primary power of this course is the engagement happening between participants and with facilitators.

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$445 for NCGS member schools and $575 for non-member schools.

2020 Sessions

  • Session I: July 13 – 31, 2020
  • Session II: October 13-30, 2020

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“The most valuable information this course offered me was the reasoning why girls thrive in an all-girls environment. I was incredibly excited to be entering this new world, and this course added even more to my excitement. …I found myself watching and reading everything twice because the information had so much value to me.”