World/Foreign Language Teachers

2019-2020 Schedule and Topics

Headways for World/Foreign Language Teachers: Opening Doors through Communication will be facilitated by Travis Nesbitt, World Languages Department Chair at The Archer School for Girls. Dates and times for the five discussions will be announced in late-August.

Foreign Language Education: Your School and the Evolving Landscape

Topics to consider: name of department (“world” vs. “foreign” languages), languages taught (past and present), graduation requirements, promotion of language/language study, etc.

What do you Know? Formative and Summative Assessments and Standardized Testing

Topics to consider: basis of standards (i.e. ACTFL), desired outcomes (for unit, level, entire program), formative and summative assessments, project-based learning, role of standardized tests (i.e. AP), etc.

Resource Roundup: Textbooks, Authentic Materials, Technology, and More

Topics to consider: curriculum development, textbook series, authentic materials, technology (e.g. apps, podcasts, iMovie, etc.), etc.

Differentiation: What Does it Mean and (How) Does it Matter?

Topics to consider: different outcomes/content/pedagogy for standard vs. honors levels, selection criteria, movement between levels, etc.

Use it or Lose it: Language Learning Opportunities Abroad

Topics to consider: locations, providers, liability, home stays, school exchanges, partnerships, access and equity, desired outcomes, etc.