Student Life Professionals

2020-2021 Schedule and Topics

Headways for Student Life Professionals will be facilitated by Melissa Whelan, Dean for Student Activities and Registrar at Trinity Hall, and welcomes those in roles such as Deans of Students, Directors of Boarding/Residential Life, Residential Life Coordinators, and Student Activities Coordinators. All meetings will occur from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Please note that the curriculum is subject to change, as NCGS is mindful of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and will ensure that discussion topics are timely and relevant.

Headways for Student Life Professionals is open to those in positions including but not limited to Dean of Students, Director of Student Life, Director of The Teaching & Learning Center, Leadership Program Coordinator, Residential Life Director, Student Activities Coordinator, etc.

October 6, 2020: The Role of the Dean of Students/Student Activities Coordinator

Topics to consider: job description/responsibilities (current and how it has changed over time), reporting structure, establishing boundaries; etc.

November 10, 2020: Fostering an Engaging and Positive School Climate

Topics to consider: clubs, student government, “mini” semesters; establishing/promoting community norms, dorm activities and dorm life, student handbook/honor code, parent and alumnae involvement, weekend activities, etc.

January 12, 2021: Building Blocks of Student Leadership

Topics to consider: essential leadership skills, practicing leadership, developing leadership “identity”, academic and co-curricular leadership programs, public speaking, delegation, team-building, student government, peer-to-peer leadership/mentoring, etc.

February 16, 2021: Engaging with the External Community

Topics to consider: purposeful service learning, career days, workplace shadows, faculty involvement, public-private partnerships, internships, corporate opportunities, etc.

April 20, 2021: Financial and Philanthropic Literacy

Topics to consider: earning, budgeting, saving, investing, money and gender, philanthropic understanding, essential non-profit knowledge, etc.


Available exclusively to NCGS member schools, each cohort includes five conversation topics. A registration fee of $250 is required by each participant. Space is limited with preference given to new, first-time participants who can commit to joining every session within a cohort.

Advance-registration for the 2020-2021 Headways program is now open! Join the list to receive information ahead of the general registration period in late August.