Humanities Teachers

2019-2020 Schedule and Topics

Curriculum questions and meeting dates for the five discussions for the Headways for Humanities Teachers cohort will be facilitated by Bryan Williams, Senior School Teacher at Balmoral Hall School, and will occur from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the below dates:

October 22, 2019: Increasing Representation of Females in Humanities Courses

Topics to consider: Whose work are we showcasing in our courses? Do our students recognize when there is a lack of female representation in our courses, and if not, why? How can we ensure that our students are being exposed to multiple perspectives, including marginalized, minority, and historically powerless voices, so that their access to information is filtered through a diverse and well-balanced lens?

November 21, 2019: Fostering Civic Mindedness

Topics to consider: How can we encourage our students to explore and to solve real-word problems? Can we really define the concept of ‘real-world problems’? How can we, as educators, model civic mindedness and empathy in our classrooms every day? How can we tell if our students truly understand how much the future of our planet depends on their own knowledge of the world?

January 30, 2020: How Teaching Humanities Can Help Students Navigate Civility in the Modern Age

Topics to consider: Why does it seem that civility is declining in our society, and how can we equip our students to help reverse this trend? Which skills do our students need to survive and thrive in the modern age? How strong is the connection between civility and civic mindedness and how can we explore that connection with our students?

February 25, 2020: Role of Humanities in Providing Student’s with the Necessary Tools in the 21st Century World

Topics to consider: What do we mean by 21st Century? Which tools are most important for our students to acquire? Who decides which tools are ‘necessary’? What is the role of AI in humanities education?

April 16, 2020: Using Technology Effectively to Inform Teaching

Topics to consider: How can technology both help and harm our teaching practice? How does the role and use of technology in Humanities courses differ from courses in other disciplines? Do we rely heavily on technology to effectively teach our classes, or do we enrich our classes by effectively using technology within our classes?