Heads of School

2019-2020 Schedule and Topics

Headways for Heads of School will be facilitated by Cathy McGehee, NCGS Trustee and Head of School at Foxcroft School, and will occur from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the below dates:

October 24, 2019: School Community

Topics to consider: community values, supportive relationships, connectedness, belonging, emotional and physical safety, student orientation models, onboarding new parents and faculty, equity & inclusion, transgender/gender spectrum, non-discrimination

November 14, 2019: Be Well to Lead Well

Topics to consider: leadership self-care, healthy practices, executive coaching, building core admin teams, delegation, restorative breaks, gaining perspective, mindfulness, executive destressing, flexibility, sabbaticals

January 16, 2020: Compensation Models and Contracts

Topics to consider: HR issues, salary banding, compensation benchmarking, professional development stipends, negotiation strategy, search committees, hiring and search best practices, employment letters and supplemental materials, contract renewal/nonrenewal, credential authentication, moving expenses

February 6, 2020: Financial Sustainability

Topics to consider: auxiliary programs, strategic planning, financial aid, personnel benefits, fundraising, endowments, enrollment management, deferred maintenance, partnerships, grant writing, planned giving, facility management

April 2, 2020: Community and Traditions

Topics to consider: long-held traditions, modern interpretations of traditions, community gatherings, awards, student speeches, attire, regalia, honor societies, guest speakers, alumnae involvement, faculty/staff leadership, security, celebrations