Diversity Practitioners

2019-2020 Schedule and Topics

Headways for Diversity Practitioners: Celebrating Difference and Creating an Inclusive School Community will be facilitated by Susan Martell Jenkin, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at Miss Porter’s School, and will occur from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the below dates:

October 22, 2019: The Evolving Role of the Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner

Topics to consider: reporting structure; avenues/opportunities for advocacy; areas of responsibility; building consensus; ensuring diversity is addressed in all areas of a school (e.g. curriculum, PD, hiring, admissions, etc.); setting priorities; practicing self-care

November 12, 2019: Developing and Supporting Meaningful Student Programs and Curriculum

Topics to consider: alliance groups, affinity groups, culture clubs; integrating diversity and equity work into all aspects of the student experience (e.g. discipline, residential life, student leadership); providing role models/mentors; orientating new students; off-campus programs

January 14, 2020: Navigating Difficult Conversations

Topics to consider: establishing protocol; communicating with different constituencies; determining ideal time/place/format; knowing when to ask for backup; addressing system challenges vs. real-time world events; encouraging civil discourse; tools and resources

February 11, 2020: Affirming Identity

Topics to consider: identifying what equity looks like for every member of your school community; creating alliances; addressing school programs/traditions/etc. that implicitly support inequities; informational resources; recommended speakers/experts; faculty/staff professional development; hiring practices; alumnae practices

April 21, 2020: Thinking Forward: How To Help Your Future Self (Training Your Adult Community)

Topics to consider: informational resources; recommended speakers/experts; new faculty orientation; parent education; incorporating lessons about diversity into the curriculum; developing standards related to diversity/inclusion