Sponsorship Opportunities

June 22-24, 2020

NCGS will convene a virtual gathering of leading educators, researchers, advocates, and authors from around North America and the globe to exchange best practices and innovative approaches for academic excellence and the healthy development of girls everywhere. These individuals embrace the critical role they play in empowering girls with the tools and informed perspectives necessary to reach their full potential and become influential contributors to and leaders of our complex and changing world. The NCGS community of 26,000 educators, 115,000 students, and over one million alumnae need to know there are organizations committed to creating more equal and inclusive work environments for future generations of women.

Contact Jen Evers to learn about the various levels of sponsorship available.

The 2020 NCGS Virtual Conference is an ideal opportunity for corporations, associations, and organizations to:

  • Demonstrate their leadership in creating a more level playing field for girls and young women and amplify their commitment to gender equity, inclusion, and diversity.
  • Gain exposure to top administrators at member schools across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and beyond who have the authority to make key programmatic and budgetary decisions. These women and men are the gatekeepers to hundreds of thousands of girls enrolled at schools around the world and an estimated 8-10 million women graduates.
  • Enjoy prime “real estate” on the NCGS website and virtual conference platform.
  • Participate in all the virtual conference keynote and breakout sessions.

Ready to join us? Click here to register as a conference sponsor or exhibitor.