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New All-Girls Public School in LA Implements Strategy to Boost Math Achievement


6/11/18—Less than 2 years old, an all-girls science-and-math school in Los Angeles is logging math scores significantly higher than its co-ed counterparts and already has a waiting list of 400 girls hoping to study at one of the state’s only single-sex public schools.

‘Good Girls are Quiet’: How Society Tells Our Daughters to Self-Silence

The Huffington Post

6/6/18—Our girls internalize values that tell them to be silent, rarely seen and a good listener above all else.

The Radical Power of Becoming a Funny Girl


6/5/18—Women in comedy are having a moment.

High-Achieving Girls are Terrified of Failure. One School is Teaching Them How to Bounce Back


6/5/18—One day in early May, a group of 30 girls in Novelty, Ohio, were stressing themselves out.

How 9-Year-Old Me Learned the Folly of Coed Sports


6/1/18—Giving girls a worse athletic experience for the benefit of the boys on the team isn’t worth it.

All-Girl Catholic Schools are a Study in Success


6/1/18—Our Lady of Mercy Academy and Sacred Heart Academy celebrate milestones as they forge ahead on their mission of educating girls.

The Forgotten Girls Who Led the School-Desegregation Movement

The Atlantic

5/30/18—Before the 9-year-old Linda Brown became the lead plaintiff in Brown v. Board of Education, a generation of black girls and teens led the charge against the “separate but equal” doctrine in public schools.

The Future of AI Depends on High-School Girls

The Atlantic

5/23/18—Women make up one-quarter of computer scientists. But in the field of artificial intelligence, those numbers are likely much lower.