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Girls Should be Taught at School How to Ask for Pay Rise, Says Female CEO

The Guardian

9/18/19—Girls should be equipped at school with the skills to ask for a pay rise in the workplace and accept nothing less than salary equality, according to one of the UK’s highest paid charity bosses.

Is Education Standing Up to the Task of Climate Action?


9/18/19—Despite the evidence that education, especially of girls, has a strong role to play in both climate adaptation and mitigation, the global education community has done little to advance widescale education efforts for, by, or with K-12 children and youth in school settings around the world.

Why Do We Still Shame Girls for Their Bodies?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

9/16/19—Sanction of Alaska swimmer for fit of her team-issued bathing suit spurs national uproar.

When School’s a Battleground for Transgender Kids, Teachers Learn to Protect, Affirm Them

Education Week

9/16/19—Schools can be a battleground for transgender students or students who are gender nonconforming. And the potential land mines go far beyond restroom assignments, which have been a politically charged focal point in conversations about transgender youth for the past few years.

A New Monopoly Celebrates Women. But What About the Game’s Own Overlooked Inventor?

Smithsonian Magazine

9/12/19—At the turn of the 20th century, Lizzie Magie created the Landowner’s Game, which sought to teach players about the injustices of wealth concentration.

There’s a Gender Crisis in Media, and its Threatening Our Democracy

Fast Company

9/10/19—When we squash 51% of the voices in our country, we are not only eroding public trust, we are also eroding the very foundation of our democracy.

A Century of “Shrill”: How Bias in Technology Has Hurt Women’s Voices

The New Yorker

9/3/19—With the large number of women running for President this year, the word “shrill” is enjoying a resurgence in the national vocabulary, following its previous heyday, as an insult hurled at Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

10 Books for Parents Who Want to Raise Kind Kids

Huffington Post

9/3/19—These parenting books emphasize emotional intelligence, empathy and respect for others.