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A Lack of Confidence Isn’t What’s Holding Back Working Women

The Atlantic

9/20/18-Women are hesitant to talk up their accomplishments because they are often penalized when they do.

American Girls Read and Write Better Than Boys

Science Daily

9/20/18-Gender gap appears as early as fourth grade, widens with age, study says.

Let Teenagers Sleep In

The New York Times

9/20/18-Adults need to stop making it so hard for high school students to get a good night’s rest.

Research: The Digitization of Banks Disproportionately Hurts Women Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business Review

9/19/18–As banks rush to digitize their operations, many have found that closing their local branches can help maintain a high return on an otherwise pricy transformation.

What Makes Women Investors Different: And Why Does It Matter, Anyway?


9/19/18–Being human, and not immune to ego, I recently felt some kind of way upon realizing I hadn’t been invited to speak at a “women in impact” themed conference in my area.

The Girls in STEM Statistics Are Dismal — But Here’s How We’re Working To Change That


9/19/18–For too long, children were raised hearing the stereotype that boys are naturally better at math and science, while girls are better at language arts.

Exam Stress and Social Media Means Girls Are Less Happy Than 10 Years Ago

Huffington Post

9/19/18–The number who would term themselves “very happy” has nearly halved.

Nevertheless She Persisted?

Inside Higher Ed

9/18/18–New analysis suggests that women’s success in STEM Ph.D. programs has much to do with having female peers, especially in their first year in graduate school.

What High School is Like for Transgender Students

Teen Vogue

9/15/18–I don’t want to say that it gets better because I am not sure that it does.

Teen Gender Gap Persists: Survey Shows Boys Still Hold Sexist Attitudes


9/13/18–New survey shows significant, enduring race and gender differences among teens on the subject of women’s equality.