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Moms, It’s Up to Us to Raise Daughters Who Don’t Tear Each Other Down

The Huffington Post

4/10/18—If we work hard to empower other women, our girls will witness firsthand what female empowerment is all about.

Who Says Women Can’t Be Leaders?


4/2/18—Despite what some of us are led to believe, leaders aren’t born male.

How to Stop Girls from Opting Out of STEM Classes, Careers

Education Dive

3/28/18—Getting girls excited about STEM careers means sparking interests early, sustaining that excitement throughout their K-12 education, and ensuring the curriculum is taught in a way that’s inclusive of girls.

New Research Sheds Light on Filling the STEM Gap for Girls


3/31/18—Girls and young women remain less likely to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), according to a recently revealed report from Microsoft.

Study Shows Positive Correlation Between Playing Sports, Better Self-Image Among Girls


4/1/18—A new report that surveyed more than 10,000 girls across the country has found a positive correlation between playing sports and increased confidence, body image, academic performance, and personal relationships.

#CaptureConfidence: How Girls Can Develop ‘Critical’ Confidence in the #MeToo Era

ABC News

3/30/18—Developing confidence and “creating a speak-up culture among girls is essential in the #MeToo era,” says an author of a new book that shares actionable ways girls can develop and spread confidence.

How Can We Instill Bravery in Girls?


4/6/18—Writer and former firefighter Caroline Paul argues that in order to raise confident girls, parents must encourage them to take risks and have the same kinds of adventures boys do.