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Seven Ways to Teach Tweens to Give to Others Without Sacrificing Themselves

San Francisco Chronicle

1/7/20—In sixth grade, a boy’s friends learned so heavily on him for emotional support, his teachers grew concerned and mentioned something to his mother.

Avoiding Taboo Conversations or the Lack of Education

Thrive Global

1/6/20—In a society where feminist movements such as #metoo have been overwhelmingly present to reaffirm the rights of women, I believe it is necessary to take a step back and acknowledge the current situation many girls have found and put themselves in at least once during their time in college.

Trump Signs Law to Boost Girls’ Access to STEM Education at Earlier Ages


1/6/20—A new law aims to get more girls access to science, technology, engineering and math-focused educational opportunities.

Why Does Gender Equality Remain Stagnant in Technology?

Grit Daily

1/5/20—Women are excelling in various industries, thanks to the rising numbers of female graduates entering the workforce.

6 Things That Can Help Propel Girls in STEM

IEEE Spectrum

1/2/20—Women have made some of the world’s most remarkable scientific breakthroughs. Their stories aren’t celebrated nearly enough, but it takes only a little research to find women who’ve excelled in science, technology, engineering, and math.

2009-2019: 27 Times Women & Girls Fighting for Equality Slayed the Decade


1/2/20—What a difference a decade makes. From 2009 to 2019, women around the world have made monumental strides challenging the status quo in media, politics and activism.

Where Are All the Women Coaches?

The New York Times

12/31/19—Title IX got women playing college sports. Now it’s time to let them lead.

America’s Schools are More Diverse Than Ever. But the Teachers are Still Mostly White

The Washington Post

12/27/19—Ricardo Alcalá’s parents, born in Mexico, carried less than a second-grade education when they came to California to work the fields.

Girls Outperform Boys at School, Yet Still Shy Away From STEM

The Sydney Morning Herald

12/21/19—While academic results should never be considered the sole measure of a good education, they are of course an important measure of success.

Global Gender Equality Will Take Another 100 Years to Achieve, Study Finds

CNN Business

12/17/19—Most of us won’t live to see gender equality achieved worldwide, according to a new study, which predicts the milestone is almost 100 years away.

The Latest Stats on Women in Tech


11/7/19— In the last couple of decades, the world has made huge strides when it comes to women’s involvement in the workforce.

Tackling the Relentless Pressure to Succeed That’s Driving Girls to Despair

CNN Health

2/28/18—As a mom of two daughters, I’m mindful of how girls today have more opportunity than ever.