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Meet the Woman Responsible For Building the Brooklyn Bridge: Celebrating Women In Engineering


6/23/19— Although many people are familiar with the Brooklyn Bridge, and many perhaps have even walked on it many times, not many of us may know that a woman played a central role in construction and the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Schools Are Rethinking Classroom Design to Encourage Collaboration, Creativity

Hechinger Report

6/22/19—There are no walls between the seven classrooms on the third floor of the Medical Academy for Science and Technology, a former hospital that houses a magnet high school for would-be doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and pharmacists.

What Teachers Need to Know to Do Right by Queer Students

Ed Week

6/21/19—Right before the start of Pride Month, I sat down at a global conference and happened to meet an open-licensing expert interested in LGBTQ-inclusive educational resources—my exact work.

World Cup Players Say Muscles and Makeup Mix Just Fine, Thanks

New York Times

6/20/19—Rejecting notions about how they should present themselves as female athletes, the women are turning to colorful hair and bold lips to showcase their style and enhance performance.

‘Reviving Ophelia,’ Cultural Touchstone On Teen Girls, Updates After 25 Years


6/19/19—The recent Dark Phoenix movie offers two familiar narratives. The obvious (from the comics and the first generation of the franchise) has Jean Grey wrestling with new powers that enhance both her abilities and her capacity for destruction.

Giving Girls a Boost for STEM Success

Washington County News

6/18/19—A new study suggests exposure to high-achieving boys can erode girls’ achievements and confidence, especially in STEM subjects.

‘How Perfect Do I Need to Be?’

New York Times

6/17/19—Conversations about the gender gap are usually focused on dollars and cents because women still earn 80 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Scots Study Says Body Shame and Bossy Boys Put Teen Girls Off Mixed PE Lessons

The Times

6/16/19—Teenage girls don’t want to play ball with the boys in PE lessons, according to a new study.

Rural Students Often Go Unnoticed by Colleges. Can Virtual Counseling Put Them on the Map?

Hechinger Report

6/11/19—In rural high schools, college guidance is often inadequate or non-existent. But new programs are popping up to help.

We Tell Our Kids That Hard Work Always Pays Off. What Happens When They Fail Anyway?


5/23/19—A star athlete at the college where I work recently stopped by my office. After committing a few unforced errors during a weekend match, she was — several days later — riven by self-criticism and distracted on the field.