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The #MeToo Balancing Act in High School

The New York Times

2/20/20—Many boys and young men think the movement is essential for girls and women, but struggle with how they fit into it.

The Best Career Advice for Teens Takes the Unpredictable into Account

Quartz at Work

2/20/20—New York has been a world capital for all manner of industries for decades, but the city’s first ever Career Discovery Week was held just this month.

How Finland Starts its Fight Against Fake News in Primary Schools

The Guardian

2/19/20—Country on frontline of information war teaches everyone from school pupils to politicians how to spot slippery information.

How Gen Z Can Fix the Dystopian World that Zuckerberg Created

New York Post

2/15/20—Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg may have already lost his users’ trust, but it’s not too late to instill ethical values in today’s young tech developers-in-training.

We Heart: Girl Scout Cookie Season—and the Empowering Work it Fuels

Ms. Magazine

2/14/20—Girl Scouts have been proving for years that girls are future leaders. Thanks to them, the future is feminist.

House Votes to Extend Deadline to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment

The New York Times

2/13/20—The House voted largely along party lines to extend a 1982 deadline for states to ratify the amendment, which mandates equality between the sexes. But the vote was largely symbolic.

Calling for Action to Meet the Unfulfilled Promise of Education for Girls


2/12/20—Celebrities, youth activists and world leaders gathered yesterday at the UN Headquarters to put a spotlight on adolescent girls’ education, in an event co-hosted by the Permanent Mission of Ireland, together with UN Women, the One Campaign and the Global Partnership for Education.

In ‘Changing The Equation,’ Black Women in STEM are Given Due Recognition


2/12/20—Thanks to the award-winning film Hidden Figures, Black women working in the world of STEM—science, technology, engineering and math—had a major moment in 2016.

These 7 Female Scientists Have Changed the World

World Economic Forum

2/12/20—Here are seven largely untold scientists who have changed our world.

Shifting the Equation on Women in STEM

The Times on the Coast

2/11/20—Women and girls represent half of the world’s population. But when it comes to science, women and girls make up far less than half of STEM students and professionals.

Educating Girls is an Overlooked Solution to the Climate Crisis

Queens Journal

2/11/20—Empowering young women through education is one of the best ways to save our planet.

Procter and Gamble’s Secret Signs Serena Williams for Gender—Equality Campaign

Ad Age

2/11/20—Williams will be in upcoming ads and collaborate on study of gender bias in sports to focus $1 million in donations.

Why Education is Key to Closing the STEM Gender Gap

Ed Technology

2/11/20—11 STEM experts, most of whom are female, share their own stories and advice to girls and women who may be considering a career in STEM

Diana Ma, This Laker’s Data Scientist is NBA’s Best Kept Secret


2/11/20—February 11th, 2020 is the U.N.’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science. As a part of the celebration, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is launching the #LightaSpark campaign to celebrate women who work in STEM and to broaden the perception of STEM opportunities.

How Play is Making a Comeback in Kindergarten

The Hechinger Report

2/8/20—A Washington State district made an entire school just for kindergarteners where joy and play are the focus.

These 19 Black Women Fought for Voting Rights

USA Today

2/8/20—August 18, 2020 marks 100 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing all American women “suffrage,” or the right to vote.

Women Less Inclined to Self-Promote than Men, Even for a Job

The Harvard Gazette

2/7/20—Study finds female workers’ deep discomfort over touting skills, experience adds to gender gap in promotions, pay.

School League Tables: Boys Behind Girls for Three Decades

BBC News

2/6/20—England’s schoolboys have had worse exam results than girls for 30 years, secondary school league table data just published confirms.