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Press Coverage

More Images of Real Women Need to Fill Our Public Art Spaces
Newark Star Ledger (March 2020)

“Representation is important. Statues…help us visualize our society’s history by enshrining people and moments we collectively agree are important figures in our shared story. When women are virtually absent from this experience, not only does it skew our historical perspective, it also sets a poor example for our nation’s girls and young women.” —Megan Murphy, NCGS Executive Director

Next Generation of Women Leaders Must ‘See It To Be It’
The Baltimore Sun (March 2019)

“Girls’ ability to develop their voices and to discover their innate courage to lead and make an impact starts early. Girls must be encouraged to speak their minds — without interruption. Because girls who feel a greater sense of respect are enabled to better find and use their voices skillfully, first in the classroom and then beyond: in board rooms, on the political stage and in any other arena.” —Megan Murphy, NCGS Executive Director

Six Decades Later, Officials Say Regina Dominican’s All-Girls Education Increasingly Relevant
Chicago Tribune (March 2019)

“All-girls schools have never been more relevant than at this time, when moms and dads across the U.S. are demanding that their girls’ voices are heard, and for them to stand up and be counted.” —Megan Murphy, NCGS Executive Director

Will an All-Girls School Help Your Daughter do Better in Math?
Forbes (February 2019)

“…there is data backing up the value of single-sex education for girls. According to a 2009 UCLA study, 45% of women who attended a single-sex school rate their public speaking skills as ‘above average.’ More than 60% think their writing skills are above average. According to 2005 research by Goodman Research Group, an educational research firm, graduates of all-girls schools are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology compared to girls who attend co-ed schools.”

New All-Girls Public School in LA Implements Strategy to Boost Math Achievement
EdSource (June 2018)

“Girls take center stage…The editor of the newspaper is a girl. Every decision that’s made, is made with girls in mind. … And the results are quite astonishing.” —Megan Murphy, NCGS Executive Director

All-Boys and All-Girls: Being Yourself
Maclean’s (September 2017)

“At a girls’ school, young women have role models all around them. Everyone on the robotics team, on the Science Olympics team, in the math contest—they’re all girls. In never crosses their mind not to pursue it if they’re interested.” —Megan Murphy, NCGS Executive Director

How a Single-Gender Environment Can Lead Girls to Choose a STEM Career
The Globe and Mail (September 2015)

“Whether it’s from a faculty perspective, a graduate perspective, or a peer perspective, girls at girls schools have a wealth of role models and I think that’s probably the key factor as to why we see so many more girls at girls’ schools pursuing STEM subjects as undergraduates.” —Megan Murphy, NCGS Executive Director