NCGS Op-Ed Featured in the Newark Star Ledger

NCGS Op-Ed Featured in the Newark Star Ledger

3/9/20—[Excerpt from Newark Star Ledger op-ed by NCGS Executive Director Megan Murphy]

“Humans have carved statues and monuments to commemorate notable figures and moments throughout recorded history and long before. In our public spaces, these sculptures have taken the form of real people, mythical creatures and beings, and more.

But rarely do these statues take the form of real, historic women. March is Women’s History Month, and an opportunity to think critically about the state of our public art.

…Throughout all of the United States, fewer than 8% of statues honoring historic figures depict women.

Representation is important. Statues…help us visualize our society’s history by enshrining people and moments we collectively agree are important figures in our shared story. When women are virtually absent from this experience, not only does it skew our historical perspective, it also sets a poor example for our nation’s girls and young women.

Young girls need role models — both modern and historic. They need strong examples of real women succeeding in order to develop confidence, aspirations, leadership skills, and other attributes that will empower them to make a meaningful impact on their world as they become adults. These examples foster greater awareness of their own possibilities. Seeing what they have the potential to become is critical to becoming it.”

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