Can Single Sex Schools Shrink the Achievement Gap?

Can Single Sex Schools Shrink the Achievement Gap?

4/24/19—Janelle Bradshaw, Superintendent of Public Prep Academies, was recently interviewed about the benefits of single-gender schools.

The following is an excerpt from the New York School Talk interview:

“In our single-sex model, we place a large emphasis on character development and our core values of merit, responsibility, scholarship and sisterhood. Our girls are empowered to speak up and speak out with determination and confidence. They become empathetic leaders with bold intellect. The single-sex setting has also been linked to developing resilience and perseverance in young students.

On the academic front, the consequences of single-sex education appear to be significantly favorable for low-income and minority students. Disadvantaged students in single-sex schools, compared to their counterparts in coeducational schools, demonstrate higher achievement outcomes on standardized tests in mathematics, reading, science, and civics.”

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