September 21, 2018

NCGS member Girls Preparatory School (GPS) in Chattanooga, TN, an independent school founded in 1906 on Christian principles serving girls in grades 6-12, was recently visited by Director of Strategic Communications & Media Olivia Haas. Olivia started her visit meeting with Head of School Autumn Graves, then enjoyed a student-led campus tour followed by a meeting with the senior administrative team. Stops along the tour included visits to a Strength and Conditioning class that customizes workouts depending on the athlete’s sport, Modern World History, History of Christianity, 6th Grade Science/Global Cultures, and a middle school STEM class being held in the MakerSpace. Students were engaged in wiring a light to complete their hand-drawn, laser-cut designs representing what STEM means to them.

GPS is strategically enhancing its STEM programming. The library has become more of an interactive space for collaboration instead of quiet studying. In addition to converting sections of the library into a MakerSpace, podcast/audio booth, and a video booth complete with a green screen, GPS has recently invested in a Virtual Reality Alley. Eighth-grade English students recently took a virtual reality tour of the Anne Frank house annex in Amsterdam before reading the Diary of Anne Frank. Students were able to look around at the rooms where the family was sheltered from the Nazis and even click on popup graphics to hear an explanation of the significance of each room.