The Ransome Prize

Technology Students

The Ransome Prize is an annual award presented in honor of NCGS co-founder Whitty Ransome, which was established by her husband Tom Wilcox in 2008. NCGS presents this award to a woman who has made outstanding contributions to the Coalition and one of its member schools to further the NCGS purpose to be “the leading advocate for girls’ schools, connecting and collaborating globally with individuals, schools, and organizations dedicated to educating and empowering girls.”

The recipient of the $1,000 prize will reflect a pure devotion to a higher cause, joyfulness in serving others, and the grace and generosity in allowing others to take credit for good work that characterized Whitty Ransome’s own commitment to NCGS.


NCGS is not currently accepting Ransome Prize nominations. The 2019-2020 cycle will open on November 22, 2019.

Selection Process

A committee of the NCGS Board of Trustees selects the Ransome Prize recipient.

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