The Moulton Student Global Citizenship Grant


In honor of the Coalition’s 25th Anniversary in 2016, NCGS co-founder Meg Moulton established an annual grant for a faculty-led team of NCGS member school students. The grant helps engage girls in leadership, fortify their strategic thinking, and enhance their global mindfulness by developing empathy and respect for others.

The $1,000 grant will be awarded to a student team in grades 9 and/or 10. Guided by a faculty member, students will work on a project they propose that is directed at generating educational opportunities for underserved girls in developing countries. The grant invites students to play a more active, community-wide role in exemplifying the Coalition’s purpose and principles by:

  • Building a community of students in girls’ schools with an outward reach, broadened global mindfulness, and a gained awareness of their power to make a difference one cause at a time.
  • Engaging the power of many voices to strengthen our communities and world and to generate positive change by contributing to girls and women around the globe in less advantaged settings.
  • Inspiring the next generation to lead with courage, competence, and empathy through cultural understanding.
  • Preparing girls for leadership and lives of commitment, confidence, contribution, and fulfillment through global citizenship and collaboration.


NCGS is currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. The grant is designed to be a launch pad for new student projects directed at fortifying their leadership skills and inspiring their role as contributing global citizens. Preference will be given to nominations reflecting an ongoing commitment on the part of school leadership to support the continuing funding and staffing, as needed, of the “start up” project for its 9th and/or 10th graders in subsequent years. Additionally, preference will be given to proposals involving two to three all-girls schools working in collaboration.

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Selection Process

A committee of the NCGS Board of Trustees selects the Moulton Student Global Citizenship Grant recipients.

2019-2020 Award Calendar