Available exclusively to NCGS member schools, our curated content Toolkits provide ease of use and quick access to research stats, talking points, articles, books, videos, websites, and more on topics relevant to girls’ schools and the education and healthy development of girls.

Social Justice, Anti-Racism, & Race Relations Resources

Relevant reading, viewing, and experts to help educators fight racism and promote social justice and samples of letters condemning systemic racism drafted by girls’ schools to their communities.

Virtual Summer Programs & Resources for Girls Toolkit

Are your families seeking summer activities for their daughters? Support them with a wide selection of girl-centric, mission-aligned educational and enriching resources and virtual programs dedicated to girls.

#GirlsSchoolAdvantage Toolkit

The research report Fostering Academic and Social Engagement: An Investigation into the Effects of All-Girls Education in the Transition to University focuses a lens on how graduates of girls’ schools compare to female graduates of coed schools in terms of their academic characteristics and readiness for university. The #GirlsSchoolAdvantage Toolkit, which includes infographics, social media messages, a webinar, a slide presentation, and more, is available to help NCGS member schools make maximum use of the exciting data found in this study.

Her Voice: Civic Engagement & Civil Discourse Toolkit

How do you ensure all student voices are heard and incorporated into classroom discussions? How do you create an environment where differences are respected and understood? How do you engage and lead students in civil discourse during political conversations? Her Voice: Civic Engagement & Civil Discourse Toolkit will aid educators as they help young women develop and exercise their political voices.

Transgender & Gender Identity Toolkit

The NCGS Board of Trustees Transgender & Gender Identity Task Force developed an NCGS Position Statement & Recommendations. In addition, the Transgender & Gender Identity Toolkit includes an ever-evolving selection of key materials that are compiled, vetted, and regularly updated to aid member schools with addressing the unique issues facing all-girls schools related to gender identity and transgender topics.