COVID-19 Resource Center

Community and collaboration are cornerstones of NCGS and the girls’ schools we have the privilege to serve. At perhaps no other time has the need to lean on and learn from our girls’ school community been greater. We are in uncertain and uncharted territory, and in order to model for our students the leadership, iteration, and self-care required to carry on, we must rely on each other.

Exclusively for NCGS member schools, this dedicated section contains tips, resources, articles, and lesson plans created by girls’ schools or for the education of girls engaged in remote learning.

All content, which is password protected, can be accessed via the Details navigation menu on the right. If you are faculty or staff at an NCGS member school and need help setting up your user name and password, please visit our Member Log In page.

NCGS will continually update its COVID-19 Resources with relevant content for as long as it is needed.