Membership Highlights

NCGS is a “coalition,” which is quite different from being an “association.” When you associate with something, it implies both connection and distance allowing you to disassociate with ease. Coalescing, on the other hand, signals ownership and suggests something bigger than just one person. It is the cornerstone for a community.

Highlights of how NCGS convened and advanced its global girls’ school community over the past year:

“I appreciate all NCGS does routinely—and in this historic moment—to bring colleagues together to collaborate and learn from one another in unimagined circumstances.  I have been struck by everyone’s generosity of time and talent.  It is somehow reassuring to know the challenges we face ‘rhyme’ in schools across the country… particularly our need to nurture (virtual) community that is such a hallmark of all-girls schools and helps our young women learn well and with confidence—especially now.”

Mary Kate Blaine, Principal, Georgetown Visitation

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