Membership Application

All schools joining NCGS are encouraged to review our Purpose, Principles, and Practice, Member Benefits, and how to Maximize Your Membership.

NCGS member schools are required to:

  • Have a documented girl-focused mission
  • Maintain at least one school division designated for all girls
  • Support the Purpose and affirm the Principles of NCGS

    To submit an application for membership, please complete and submit the form below. Your application will be promptly reviewed. Upon approval, NCGS will be in contact to guide you through the final steps for dues payment and activation of your membership.

  • DayBoarding (insert N/A if no boarding option)
  • This information is for NCGS data purposes only and does not affect membership dues or status.
    # of Faculty & StaffApprox. # of Alumnae

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  • NameJob TitleEmailPhone
  • NameJob TitleEmailPhone

  • 1 is most important and 4 is least important.
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