Member Benefits

How NCGS advances its members…

Advocacy Highlights:

  • The Coalition Connection newsletter containing valuable information and resources for administrators, faculty, and students
  • Raising Girls’ Voices blog advancing thought-leadership of NCGS and its member schools and strategic partners
  • Engages girls’ school community and promotes member accolades and strategic partners through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Offers members a list of common claims against girls’ schools with research-based talking points
  • Responds to the media via Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, and brings together member schools around national and international events of significance
  • Curates Recent Headlines online and in The Coalition Connection, an aggregated listing of national and international headlines related to the development and education of girls
  • Gives speeches and presentations at member schools and conferences on the value of all-girls education
  • Organizes Girls’ School Advantage outreach events in major metro areas for prospective families and community-based organizations to learn about the distinctive value of girls’ schools
  • Maintains searchable directory of member schools for prospective families
  • And more!

Research Highlights:

Professional Development Highlights:

Networking Highlights:

  • Girls’ School NET: Networking and Empowering Together receptions for members and their alumnae | June 21, 2021, in Boston, MA
  • Convenes member school and strategic partner representatives at roundtables and receptions at national and international conferences such as TABS, CASE-NAIS, Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, etc.
  • HEADWAYS provides school leaders the opportunity to connect via video-conferencing for semi-monthly, facilitated discussions on topics relevant to their post
  • Collaborates with mission-similar organizations, such as the Girls’ Schools Association (UK), Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, Girl Up, etc.
  • Supports unique member forums and symposiums for educators, students, and parents
  • Posts complimentary Career Opportunities exclusively for member schools
  • Conducts Listening & Learning Tour to track trends in education and the girls’ school landscape by visiting member schools and attending conferences around the world
  • Offers Global Exchange Database in association with the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia and the Girls’ Schools Association in the UK to assist girls’ schools with establishing successful international student and/or faculty exchange programs
  • And more!