Pick Up a Good Book


“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” –Diane Duane, author

NCGS is proud to release its 2019 summer reading ideas for girls. With so many tempting titles, we bet your students can’t read just one. Thanks goes to the Book Curating Task Force at Columbus School for Girls for selecting this year’s suggestions. Thoughtfully organized by grade levels, reading lists are available for K-5th Grade Students: Picture Books, 4th-6th Grade Students: Chapter Books, 6th-8th Grade Students, and 9th-12th Grade Students.

In addition, over 50 titles are available for Educators and Parents. Our NCGS Books of Interest and Films of Interest are excellent resources for identifying all-faculty/staff reading and viewing material for your summer professional development.

Best wishes to you and your students for an enjoyable and rejuvenating summer!

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