Stand Up—and Speak Up—for Girls’ Education Around the World


In celebration of International Day of the Girl, NCGS launches, in collaboration with its Global Forum on Girls’ Education® II strategic partners, a Pledge in support of girls’ education around the world.

We invite you to sign and share the Pledge on social media using the hashtag #StandUpSpeakUp.

What originated in February 2016 as a conference of nearly 1,000 educators, mostly from girls’ schools located in 23 countries, became much more significant. It signaled the start of a movement—a call to action to awaken the world to the importance of empowering girls through a single, inalienable right: access to a quality education. NCGS and partners from across the globe are eager to take the next step in making our voices heard and for educators of girls to lead this conversation.

The Pledge captures and articulates the excitement, opportunity, and imperative from that inaugural Global Forum on Girls’ Education and calls upon us to stand up—and speak up—for girls’ education. The concepts conveyed in the Pledge—inspiration, confidence, collaboration, empowerment—reflect the common values and interests of our diverse, yet mission-aligned, partners working together on the Global Forum II.

Intended for advocates of all ages, the Pledge is being distributed via to allow supporters easy access to sign and share it regardless of geographic location. Available in English and Spanish, the Pledge displays the unified strength within the girls’ school and girls’ education communities.

Join us as we stand up—and speak up—for girls’ education by signing and sharing the Pledge (English or Spanish) today!

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