Growing Up at a Girls’ School


I never could have imagined as a shy four-year-old in 2004, that I would turn into a confident, mature, and independent member of the Class of 2017. Being in an all-girls environment has been an experience of a lifetime. I truly wish I could take full credit for my transformation, but I believe being surrounded by girls who strive to be their best selves are the ones who I should be eternally grateful for. From the sisters that have been with me since our first day in Kindergarten to the ones I met in 9th grade, all of them are a part of the metamorphosis I have gone through.

Growing up in an all-girls environment has taught me two life lessons that, in my opinion, are the hardest to learn: be yourself and pursue all your passions.

Learning these mantras at an early age has helped shape me into who I am today, and who I would like to be in the future. I can’t recall a time when I was afraid to go after my aspirations, because I knew the girls sitting in classrooms with me were just as ambitious. I’ve learned through these lessons that it is the responsibility of the aspirer to go out and seek the necessary resources to pursue their passions.

This year in the Upper School our motto is Make It Happen. These past months I have seen students from freshmen to seniors take the initiative to turn dreams into reality. This energy is infectious, and has been vital to motivating our student body this year. I can honestly say that nothing makes me happier than seeing my fellow classmates and underclassmen putting their best selves forward, and modeling what it means to be a girl today: confident, persistent, and active.

Being surrounded by girls who are eager to make a difference and faculty who provide unconditional support is one of the best feelings in the world.

An all-girls environment is not just academic—it’s having the time of your life free of any judgments, because no matter where you look, everyone is enjoying themselves. Whether it’s having dance parties with your classmates, playing on the field with your fellow teammates, or even coming together for the wonderful traditions that have circulated through generations of women, I have always felt I was part of something bigger than myself because of the bonds I cultivated at school.

Going off to a coed college next year will definitely be an adjustment, but I know this experience has prepared me to put my best self forward and dive into new experiences. For any girl interested in an all-girls school, know that it will immerse you in great life experiences and support you during your self-discovery. Most importantly, you will go through it all with some of your best friends!

Jessiey K., Class of 2017, Kent Place School

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on the blog, “Innovation for Brave & Brilliant Girls,” a publication of Kent Place School, and is used with permission.

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  1. Dolores Tricarico

    I did not attend an all girls school. I have worked in an all girls school for twenty years and this article is right on point. The girls in my school empower each other and remain friends for life.