Reflections on 25 Years

“In its 25 years, NCGS has become a respected worldwide advocate for the education of girls. Its members and public are singing the same song—girls matter, girls’ schools change lives.”
—Meg Milne Moulton | NCGS Founding Co-Executive Director (1991-2009)

“I attribute the resurgence of all-girls education to a savvy use of research, public relations, and the media. Coupled with the development of a common vocabulary describing the benefits and outcomes of a single-sex education, NCGS has positioned girls’ schools as thought-leaders on what strategies work best with girls.”
—Whitty Ransome | NCGS Founding Co-Executive Director (1991-2008)

“The Coalition’s 25-year trajectory is unparalleled and authentic. From a few leaders of girls’ schools to a global educational organization in 25 years—that’s a legendary accomplishment.”
—Mary Lou Leipheimer | Former Head of Foxcroft School | NCGS Steering Committee Co-Chair (1991-1992)

“Together, we have ridden the crest of the wave we created through dedication and determination. The too long hidden message of the power of single-sex education for girls and young women went mainstream, changing from an antiquated notion to an educational boon and necessity.”
—Arlene Hogan | Head of Bentley School | Former Head of Archer School for Girls and Hamlin School | NCGS Board President (1995-1997)

“It is a beacon! The Coalition has always served its member schools—and society in general—by thinking beyond the current status of women and girls. Especially in these uncertain times, NCGS has a vital responsibility to continue to provide new research and data that underscores the continuing pertinence and legitimacy of girls’ schools”
—Midge Bowman | Former Head of Garrison Forest School | NCGS Board President (1993-1995)

“From such humble beginnings, a strong coalition has grown serving as a network for its members, sharing research ad best practices on how girls learn. The Coalition has had such great success over the past 25 years. May it continue to flourish for at least the next 25. For its mission is well worth the effort.”
—Arlene Gibson | Former Head of Spence School, Kent Place School, Holton-Arms School, and Bryn Mawr School | NCGS Steering Committee Co-Chair (1991-1992)

“I would hope that we continue to focus on global education and issues for girls and women across the world, advocating for girls’ education everywhere.”
—Diana Beebe | Headmistresses Association of the East Executive Director | Former Head of Holton-Arms School | NCGS Board President (1997-2000)

“My congratulations and heartfelt thanks to you all for what you have accomplished since those early days. May NCGS thrive, and the work continue.”
—Rachel Belash | Former Head of Miss Porter’s School | Former President of the Coalition of Girls’ Boarding Schools (1987-1991)

“Because of the passion, perseverance, and persistence of everyone who has helped to ensure deepened understanding of the transformative power of single-gender schools for girls, NCGS is now able to offer even greater opportunities that ensure educational achievement and healthy development of girls around the globe. Congratulations to the countless educators and policymakers who have supported these efforts. Our world is a better place because of the work of NCGS.”
—Patricia Hayot | Head of Chapin School | NCGS Board President (2006-2009)

“During my tenure at NCGS we have often debated “is NCGS a cause or a membership organization?” As if there were a right answer to that question! There is: NCGS is both a cause and a membership organization. Founded by visionary, strong women to ensure the case for girls’ schools was soundly grounded in scholarly research, NCGS rapidly became a synergistic engine of men and women who care passionately about educating girls well. Twenty-five years of dedicated commitment to a worthy cause later, NCGS stands as a global beacon for best practice in girls’ education.”
—Trudy Hall | Head of Emma Willard School | NCGS Board President (2012-present)

“Co-founding and Co-directing NCGS has been the most fulfilling work of my career. My years with NCGS are about deep passion: a calling not just a job.”
—Whitty Ransome | NCGS Founding Co-Executive Director (1991-2008)

“NCGS reflects attributes that I would like to model in my life and hope that girls in our tomorrow will model as well—strength of purpose, belief in one’s possibilities, the self-confidence to lead, a humbleness that allows one to join with others, the nerve to take informed risks, a belief in the power of one’s voice to be heard, and the drive to make a difference.”
—Meg Milne Moulton | NCGS Founding Co-Executive Director (1991-2009)

NCGS Board
[L to R] Back Row: Burch Ford, Rachel Belash, Mary Lou Leipheimer, and Meg Moulton. Front Row: Diana Beebe, Aggie Underwood, Olive Long, Whitty Ransome, and Arlene Gibson.