Global Forum II Highlights

The Global Forum on Girls’ Education® II was attended by 750 educators, researchers, authors, and advocates from 22 nations.


“Please be aware that you have delivered a triumph! Global Forum I was excellent. Global Forum II was outstanding. Bigger crowd. Tremendous vibe. Energising and empowering for all delegates. Be very proud. Great job. I am in my seat about to leave [the airport] feeling energised and empowered to keep on making a difference for girls. In my own way and my own corner of the globe.” Headmistress (UK)

“The past three days have been wonderful — sessions were stimulating and provocative and offered us validation that we are thinking creatively about the critical issues for girls’ well-being. It was so good to share ideas! I also loved listening to Azar Nafisi, Rachel Simmons, Halla Tómasdóttir, and Billie Jean King — thank you for bringing us such inspiring women!” Deputy Principal (Canada)

“What a simply amazing three days! I am inspired, energized, and grateful, in addition to having received practical information and input to take back to my work. Everything was done in such an excellent manner with zero ‘hiccups.’ The speakers were inspiring and represented many fresh perspectives, cultures, and ideas.” Director of Health and Wellness (USA)

“I wanted to take this time to THANK YOU for an extraordinary DC conference this week! This was truly the best professional experience that I have had from any organization, and every single session was useful, dynamic, and relevant. I know that you afforded exceptional time and energy into that huge endeavor — and all of your dedication showed! It was fantastic.” Assistant Principal (USA)

“You have all set the bar high for passion, warmth, sincerity, commitment, forward vision, and inclusion — I can think of no professional experiences connected to colleagues and our own development that I have enjoyed more in over twenty years in teaching. I am returning to my team refreshed and re-energised, if a little wistful that it is over!” Principal (UK)
“I have come away feeling very inspired and renewed to tackle challenges. It is always such a comfort to know that around the world we are all grappling with similar issues.” Head of School (South Africa)


Insightful moments such as the select ones featured below were actively captured and summarized on social media throughout the Global Forum II. Didn’t get the chance to follow the conversations in live time? Check out the hashtags #NCGS18 and #GlobalGirlsEd on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as the latest Raising Girls’ Voices blog post, “Speaking Up for Global Girls’ Education” by NCGS Executive Director Megan Murphy.

Women are hired on performance and men are hired on potential. …Tell your girls they do not have to be perfect. @BillieJeanKing #NCGS18 #GlobalGirlsEd

Today’s students are more social and like to learn in a more unstructured way. @SimonNoakes @intSchools talking about the #FutureSchool #NCGS18 #GlobalGirlsEd

Please educate girls who will become change catalysts. @HallaTomas @thebteamhq CEO #NCGS18 #GlobalGirlsEd

The fear of failure is a paralyzing thing. I hope our girls have the courage and capacity to look at challenges and give them a go — to have the courage to ask what they would do if they were not afraid. Gail Kelly former @Westpac CEO #NCGS18 #GlobalGirlsEd

It is important to give girls skills to create the positive action to make the change that they want to see. @SylviaAcevedo @girlscouts CEO #NCGS18 #GlobalGirlsEd

My interpretation of leadership is doing the right thing on a difficult day when no one is looking. Col Lucy Giles @RMASandhurst #NCGS18 #GlobalGirlsEd

Characteristics of inspiring people are competence, being forward-thinking and helpful when approached with a problem, and empathy. @conorneill #NCGS18 #GlobalGirlsEd

It is almost an educational crime to separate the education of science and technology from the education of the arts and humanities. @azarnafisi #NCGS2018 #GlobalGirlsEd


Photos from the conference are available on Flickr:

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