2016 Global Forum - Breakout Sessions

[F] Engagement, Celebration, and Brand: A Community Exercise

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: Suzanne Buck, Rector/Head of School and Maisie Deely, Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing | Chatham Hall

A school brand is more than a logo. How do you convey everything that is meaningful and unique about your institution? In this dynamic workshop, we will explore the process of shaping the branding dialog with key stakeholders including students, faculty, parents, alumnae, and trustees. We will offer Chatham Hall's interactive and collaborative approach for engagement in this critical initiative, as well as share an effective model for helping your school determine and celebrate it's own "special sauce."

[F] Learning the Ropes of Sisterhood

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: Carrie Deeter, Math Teacher and Adrienne Kizer, Science Teacher | Ann Richard School for Young Women Leaders

Come see an example of PBL at its best:  an interdisciplinary STEAM project that involves 7th graders creating their own Low Ropes Course elements. Students first swung high, climbed rock walls, played cooperative games, and faced their fears by propelling down a zip line at a local ropes course. Over a week's time, they designed and built their own ropes course element. The project included scaled sketches, calculating costs and dimensions, history research, mapping, field trips to Home Depot, using power tools and personal reflection. The finale involved the girls leading their incoming 6th grade sisters through each of the elements.

[F] NHSG "Selfie" Programme

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: Lisa Cook, Deputy Head Teaching and Learning | Newcastle High School for Girls GDST (United Kingdom)

In this session, we will offer reflections on our response to the issues girls face in our increasingly image obsessed world. We have worked hard to develop a Learner Promise and embed the associated behaviours and attitudes into all planning, teaching and learning. To change attitudes and develop resilience, we need a consistent and concerted approach. Social and Emotional Learning for Individuals and Everyone "SELFIE") includes and involves our whole school community including parents.

[F] Redefining Teaching and Learning: A Showcase of Best Practice

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: Ann Owgan, Headmistress | Brescia House School (South Africa); Deanne King, Head of School | St Mary’s School, Waverley (South Africa); and Sally James, Deputy Head | St Mary’s School, Waverley (South Africa)

Increasingly educators and curriculum developers around the world are being challenged to rethink approaches to teaching and learning. Blended education is one of the current innovative pedagogies which is being utilised in a variety of educational arenas. Brescia House School has embraced this philosophy by creating connected classrooms across their grades. Presenters will demonstrate that the connected classroom is about being open- minded and using progressive thinking skills to show how girls understand what they have learnt and how teachers have accomplished their goals.

A team of teachers at St Mary’s School, Waverley have crafted a unique curriculum which has been aptly called the “e4 curriculum”. The e4 curriculum, which is representative of an effective, engaging, exciting and enriching approach, is aimed at being a uniquely St Mary’s programme drawing on current educational pedagogy and practice-based research to suit the school’s context and needs of the girl child. In this breakout session the presenters aim to share their journey in crafting an original and innovative curriculum which has assisted in catalysing larger whole school changes.

[F] Single-Sex Independent Schools in a Multi-Gender World: What's a Girl (To Do)? Preparing Your Community/Communicating with Stakeholders

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: Julie Mencher, MSW | Educator/Trainer/Consultant and Jane Hulbert | The Jane Group (USA)

How would your school respond to a born-male applicant who has lived as a girl since age 3? How would you support a sophomore who declares that he is transgender, changes his name, and asks that you use male pronouns? Educators are left scratching our heads as the intrinsically binary mindset of girls' schools collides with a 21st century gender revolution which replaces categories of female and male with a spectrum of multiple gender identities. Focusing on training, policy development, and communications challenges, we will examine the newest diversity issue, one that may challenge the very mission of girls’ schools.

[F] Who Am I: Exploring Racial and Cultural Identity through Literature and the Arts

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: Monique Duncan, Learning Specialist/Author of Multicultural Children's Books | Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx

Participants will think critically about their own cultural identity by exploring and analyzing literature and the arts. The presenter will give attendees an overview of a series of identity workshops she created for young girls of color, ages 10 and up. The following questions will guide their thinking about how we examine texts and images through the lens of our own identities (culture, race, gender, class) as well as how we can analyze and select texts that mirror the identities and the experiences of our students: How do women writers construct their own identities through literature? How can we examine texts and images through the lens of our own identities (culture, race, gender, class)?  How can we incorporate our own identities in the work we produce?

[F] Why, Where and How New Independent Girls’ Schools Have Opened in the U.S.

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: James Palmieri, Assistant Head of School and Mary Sciarrillo, Founding Head of School (current) | Trinity Hall; Nancy Davies, Founding Head of School (past) | Orchard House School; and Marja Brandon, Founding Head of School (past) | Seattle Girls' School

James Palmieri will share results and reflections from his dissertation research, "21st Century Girls’ Schools:  For what reasons are new independent girls’ schools opening in the United States?", and facilitate a panel consisting of the Founding Heads from three of the youngest – and thriving – NCGS member schools, including: Mary Sciarrillo from Trinity Hall in Monmouth County, NJ (opened in 2012); Marja Brandon from Seattle Girls’ School in Seattle, WA (opened in 2001); and Nancy Davies from Orchard House School in Richmond, VA (opened in 1998). The discussion will touch on the necessities, challenges and opportunities of new schools, including: visionary founders, market factors, student and faculty recruitment, curriculum design and credibility, and most important of all, ensuring a common understanding and adherence to the school's mission and core values.  Hear how these inspiring new schools are grassroots responses to community-identified needs.

[F] The World as Your Campus: Launching Expedition Courses in a High School Curriculum

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 AM-10:20 AM

PRESENTERS: Connie Blunden, Director, Global Initiatives; Rachel Powers, History Department Chair; Charles Alt, Duff Center for STEM Initiatives; and Sarah Holzschuh, English Department and Director of Community Service | Greenwich Academy

The best educational environments are those in which learning feels relevant to students. Students are more engaged, more focused and more likely to pursue a course of study when they understand how and to what ends they can apply their learning. This workshop demonstrates how to incorporate typically co-curricular school trips directly into curricula across disciplines. The place-based education of expedition courses encourages students to see the world as their classroom, and it promotes the development of empathy, confidence and leadership skills among students, especially girls. The workshop will cover everything involved in designing, launching and managing expedition classes.