2016 Global Forum - Breakout Sessions

[E] A Place in the Sun: Exploring All Girls' Schooling in South Africa

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Cally Maddams, Principal | Danville Park Girls' High School and Co-Founder and President | South African Girls’ Schools Association (South Africa) and Erica Hayes-Hill, Principal | Durban Girls’ High School, President | KwaZulu-Natal Province of the South African Principals’ Association, and Vice President | South African Girls’ Schools Association (South Africa)

All girls' schooling is very uncommon in South Africa. With over 25,000 public schools, all girls' schools comprise just 0.5%. For the most part, the poor have little to no access to single-sex schools. Nevertheless, where all girls' schools do exist they fill an important place in providing quality education in what is a highly under-performing education system. We explore the characteristics of this minority of all girls' schools and how they differ from other schools in the South African education system. This presentation also documents the experiences of young girls attending a public secondary all girls' school in Durban.

[E] Building a Growth Culture through Curiosity: Innovative Approaches to Goal-Setting

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Meredith Monk Ford, Executive Director | The FolioCollaborative; Ilana Pergam, Director of Studies | Chapin School; and Rebekah Wolman, Director of Upper School | Katherine Delmar Burke School

How do you encourage both faculty and students to embrace growth and ongoing development with full engagement? Effective, innovative approaches to goal-setting are key. This session features three school leaders who are building cultures of growth among both faculty and students. Using the power of questions and self-reflection, their approach is making goal-setting a more personal and meaningful process for teachers. Faculty, in turn, help students combat perfectionism by seeing themselves as drivers of their own learning, responsible for growth beyond better grades. Along with learning from their schools' experiences, participants will try this method of goal-setting firsthand.

[E] Collaborative Partnerships: Connecting Girls Across Their Community

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Blake Kohn, Executive Director | National Network of Schools in Partnership; Andrea Perry, Director of the James Center | Garrison Forest School; Danielle Passno, Director of Outreach and Public Purpose | The Spence School; and Cashmere Roddey, Code Camp Teacher | Promise Academy 1 of Harlem Children's Zone

Increasingly schools seek ways to purposefully engage with their community, expand collaborative partnerships and ensure that they are educating their students to become contributing citizens in the cities where they live and learn. Hear about the development of two distinct independent school/public school programs that connect girls from across a community in establishing enduring relationships for both the students and their institutions. Join the National Network of Schools in Partnership (NNSP) for a conversation with the leaders of the “City, Self, and Action” project based learning Middle Grades Partnership initiative in Baltimore, MD, and the Code Camp of New York City.

[E] Creating STEAM Engagement for Girls in a Makerspace

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Liana Gooch, Director of Learning, Teaching and Innovation and Phil Carew, Head of eLearning | Toorak College (Australia)

How do we develop a mindset that challenges girls to embrace the thinking skills, digital technology and design approach associated with STEAM? How do we also develop and equip our staff with the skills and knowledge aligned with STEAM to best support our students? How do we inform parents about the role of STEAM in learning? Taking up this challenge in 2015, Toorak College in Australia designed a makerspace, the DIGIZone (Design, Inspire, Gamify, Innovate), as the epicentre of STEAM where girls from all ages of the school can tinker, make errors, design, problem find and solve, collaborate, and create while accessing an array of traditional and digital tools. Our DIGI students from prep to Year 12 in their digital development have been assigned a particular DIGI identity which links to a specific stage of STEAM skill and development to build the necessary mindset. An array of innovative professional learning opportunities for staff and academy learning programs for both parents and students are effectively working to create the STEAM momentum at our school.

[E] Farewell to Perfectionism and Embracing the "F" Word

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Judith Carlisle, Headmistress | Oxford High School GDST (United Kingdom) and Jane Lunnon, Head | Wimbledon High School GDST (United Kingdom)

Is perfectionism ever helpful? Why should we celebrate failure? From schools where girls are encouraged to embrace failure and wave goodbye to perfectionism, the Heads of two of the UK’s leading girls’ schools share their stories of changing mindsets in the school community on the road to real success and fulfilment. A creative and interactive session, we shall explore the need to develop resilience and grit in our girls, and participants will take away practical strategies to adopt in school and at home.

[E] From Volunteers to Philanthropic Grant Writers: Enhancing the Student's Role in Service Learning

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Berta Fogerson, Principal; Jeremy Cortez, Jeremy Cortez, College Adviser; and Brian Ellyson, Assistant Principal | Talkington School for Young Women Leaders

Participants will learn about the grant writing and scholarship competition that was initiated with the purpose of broadening the scope of the students' role in the areas of charitable giving and philanthropy. Presenters will share their journey through this experiential learning project including: the process used to get the endeavor underwritten by a local foundation, the development of contest criteria and guidelines, and the professional grant writing training that was provided for students. Highlights of students working with local charities will be shared along with testimonies about the impact that this initiative had on the students and the community partners involved.

[E] Girls as Global Leaders: Preparing Girls to Thrive in a VUCA World

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Jennifer D. Klein, Director of Professional Development | World Leadership School; Dr. Ashley M. Johnson, Science Teacher | Madeira School; Melissa Brown, Global Education Director; Upper School Spanish | Holton-Arms School; Suzanne Fogarty, Head of School | Lincoln School; and Brandon Clarke, Assistant Head of School for Program | Berkeley Carroll School

Demanding times require agile leaders who can connect across geographic and political boundaries to meet the needs of different stakeholders. Many schools find girls particularly well suited to the demands of global leadership and change in a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. This session will explore how several schools are interweaving international development programs for students with in-class global integrations and “glocal” action opportunities. Using pedagogies which capitalize on the strengths of feminine thinkers and improve areas of challenge, these schools partner with global communities and provide students with authentic opportunities for intercultural skill building and leadership development.

[E] Integrated Studies: A Platform for Future Women Leaders

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Susan Corbesero, History Department Chair and Global Initiatives Coordinator; Richard Malmstrom, History Teacher; Sara Sturdevant, Chair, Visual and Performing Arts Department; and Lauren Lieberman, Director of College Counseling | The Ellis School

This session will provide an in-depth look at the mission-driven and scaffolded Integrated Studies (IS) curriculum created at The Ellis School to equip students with the skills, mindset, and knowledge necessary to become effective and principled global women leaders. Join us to hear how students (and teachers!) work in multidisciplinary teams to tackle real world problems, both local and global. Attendees will also delve into a human-centered design activity to demonstrate how this practice is not only central to the IS curriculum, but is also a transformative approach that empowers high school girls to become tomorrow’s social innovators. Additionally, participants will learn how this innovative curriculum culminates in an individually designed Senior Project that activates acquired leadership skills and ignites student passion.

[E] The Intersection of Science and Math: Interdisciplinary Power in STEM

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Patricia Jahaly, Director of Curriculum and Assessment and Annayanna Haldar, Science Teacher, 2nd and 3rd grade | Girls Prep Bronx Elementary Schools

This session will analyze how to afford girls a second opportunity at learning math skills/concepts through the lens of Science. It has become increasingly important to provide transferable math skills, including hands on experiences, into Science curriculum. Next Generation Science Standards content and related Habits of Mind allow for this interdisciplinary work. This provides a robust crosswalk of curriculum that is not only engaging, but affords girls a level of complexity, and an inquiry based pedagogy, relevant to  STEM related college majors/careers. During this session, participants will learn tangible ways and receive documents to support math integration into Science curriculum.

[E] Invest in Girls Financial Empowerment

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Amanda Hoffman, Executive Director; Devon Mercurius, New York Program Manager; Lexie Mills, Mid-Atlantic Program Manager; Carol Smolinksy, New England Program Manager; and Jennifer Zolkos, Program Director | Invest in Girls

The Invest in Girls program offers financial education and leadership training to high school girls through a unique blend of workshops, visits to partner companies who are creating change for women, and our multi-faceted Role Model Exchange. In this session, we will take participants through both the student and partner school experience with Invest in Girls. From “one-time” or “full series” workshops offered by our staff to training your own staff to implement the program at your school with our easy-to-use online curriculum and guidelines, Invest in Girls has the tools and the flexibility to meaningfully impact your students.

[E] Real-World Leadership for Girls through Community Board Membership: A Partnership for Success!

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Cathy McGehee, Head of School; Mary Park D., Student, Class of 2017; and Jessie H., Student, Class of 2016 | Foxcroft School and Stephanie Knapp, Vice Chair | Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation

Students can practice leadership skills from sitting on a non-profit Board, but learn how Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation benefits from Foxcroft student board members in a model for real-world leadership development and community partnership, all while supporting breast cancer detection, treatment, education and elimination. Foxcroft students serve on the grants and education committees, organize schools' participation on fun runs, and lead social media efforts for the Board. Participants will get a road map to replicate this student-board member model with their local community partners by hearing from students and CBBCF board members.

[E] ReMix! Thinking Round the Box: Re-Imagining Resources in a Year-Round Learning Community

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Linda Vasu, Director, Center for Research, Teaching & Learning; Lori WIlson, Director of Campus Ministry​, Upper School Social Justice & Service​, Summer Enrichment​, and SophieConnect; Mary Musolino, Science Research Teacher & Coordinator; Jennifer Bensen, Network Exchange Coordinator; and Elizabeth Fernandez, Library Director | Sacred Heart Greenwich (USA)

Since 1848, throughout its local and global network, Sacred Heart’s mission and identity have been aligned with shared practices, traditions, and values of service and leadership that reflect social justice, community building, and collaboration. A panel of Sacred Heart educators will present a series of signature programs and innovative practices that engage students and faculty outside the traditional learning environment. These include peer-to-peer professional development, scholarly science research open to all students, online learning, public purpose partnerships, Sacred Heart international and stateside network exchange experiences, summer enrichment programs, shadow internships, and a Center for Research, Teaching & Learning.

[E] Going Beyond Voluntourism: A Look at the 2015 WiSci STEAM Camp

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 4:20 PM-5:10 PM

PRESENTERS: Rachel Wisthuff, Senior Grassroots Associate; Chelsea Williams-Diggs, Campaign Associate; and Imani B., Teen Advisor | Girl Up

Last summer, Girl Up joined forces with the U.S. State Department, the Gashora Girls Academy and private sector partners including AOL and Intel to put on the first ever WiSci (Women in Science) STEAM Camp. This three week camp in Rwanda brought together 120 female high school students from the U.S. and eight different African countries for a cross-cultural learning experience centered on robotics, coding, social innovation and leadership development. Learn how this camp built upon the traditional student exchange framework to address cultural differences and create a supportive learning environment. Hear about key takeaways from camp participants & facilitators and adopt select camp activities for your own classroom.