2016 Global Forum - Breakout Sessions

[D] The Power of Nine: Cultivating a Culture of Greatness among Girls

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Ed Fermin, Principal, High School | Miriam College (Philippines)

Despite the many shifts in programs and policies in girls’ education, nine core processes that cultivate a culture of greatness in girls’ schools seem to endure. By examining each of these processes and their inextricable connectedness, the ‘constants’ in the education of girls and young women may be celebrated and problematized better. While the session posits the universality of the nine constants, it shall engage participants in talking about the peculiarities of each constant at an institutional level, especially in the era of VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in which the value of single-sex schooling is being challenged.

[D] #Globaleducation: Connecting Students Through Innovative Learning Experiences

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Eric Walters, Director of STEM Education; Kara Kutner, Director of Global Programs; Sarah Cunningham, Integrated Humanities Coordinator; Christine Tesson, French Teacher, World Languages Department Chair; Ana Sophie A., 12th Grade Student; Eunice D., 11th Grade Student; Gaby P., 11th Grade Student; Bree V., 11th Grade Student; Sofia C, 11th Grade Student; and Alida M., 11th Grade Student | Marymount School of New York and Don Buckley, Co-Founder, Tools at Schools | Tools at Schools

The heart of a global education is enabling young people to participate in shaping a better, shared future for the world. Providing innovative learning opportunities for both students and faculty to interact with the global community is key to understanding that global education is a dimension that runs through a K-12 curriculum. Join Marymount faculty and students as we host a mini EdCamp to uncover strategies for success for implementing global dimensions in your curriculum, as seen through the lens of several Marymount initiatives, including the Global Exchange Program and the Global Student Technology Conference.

[D] 24/7: Girls' Leadership Development in Boarding Schools

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Monica Gillespie, Ph.D., Head of School | Saint Mary's School; Nicole Hager, Dean of Students | Northfield Mount Hermon School; Kisha Palmer, Women as Global Leaders Program Director | Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart; and Anne Rubin, English Teacher and Girls’ Leadership Project Faculty Seminar Facilitator | Miss Hall's School

Join colleagues from three residential schools in a conversation about building effective girls’ leadership development programs in a residential context. Panelists will share their perspectives about girls’ leadership and draw upon their collective breadth of experience in all-girl and co-ed environments. Panelists will also discuss what works, what doesn’t, and what questions to consider when planning or evaluating programs. Participants will leave with concrete strategies, ideas, and questions to explore with colleagues in their schools.

[D] Competent Girls, Confident Global Leaders

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Nanci Kauffman, Head of School | Castilleja School; Stacey Kertsman, ACE Center Director | Castilleja School; and Catherine Steiner-Adair, Clinical Psychologist

This session shares a behind-the-scenes look at Castilleja School's Global Leadership Program. Three different practitioners will offer a close analysis of the program’s vision, curriculum, and integrated position in the school's SEL and Leadership program. They will also demonstrate how current research on teaching girls to lead forms the inspirational foundation for the design and the assessment metrics of the program. Nanci Kauffman, Head of School, will define the vision for Castilleja’s global leadership initiative and will describe the cultural shift that supported the program development. Stacey Kertsman, Director of Castilleja’s Center for Awareness, Compassion, & Engagement (ACE), will provide concrete examples to illustrate Castilleja’s scaffolded global leadership program for grades 6-12. Catherine Steiner-Adair, renowned author, researcher, and psychologist, will highlight the research that explains how and why Castilleja’s program works and how yours can work, too.

[D] Creating Agents of Change Through Holistic Girls' Education and Community Development in East Africa

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Jessica Posner Odede, Co-Founder and COO of Shining Hope For Communities | Kibera School for Girls (Kenya); Susan Hannah, Board Member | Nurturing Minds/SEGA Girls' Secondary School (Tanzania); and Jenni Doherty, Founder & Executive Director | Daraja Academy (Kenya)

... Not just a girls' school, but a model for international development. In Kenya and Tanzania, education for girls gives them the right and ability to participate in the larger society. Education is the pathway for a girl to earn higher wages and improve her health and wellbeing, as well as that of her family and community. Join us for a discussion about our three independent projects and our common approaches to facilitating self- reliant young women who can become transformative leaders.

[D] Creating Partnerships to Build Capital and Economic Impact

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Catherine O'Sullivan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Pathways and Partnerships | Bond University (Australia)

In an increasingly competitive global market, schools, like Universities and business, are challenged to drive creative strategies to maximise their impact and influence. Today’s market demands innovation, agility and entrepreneurial leadership to create strong, successful partnerships with business, government, and the community. Mutually beneficial partnerships can create economic benefit and galvanise a community resulting in better outcomes for both parties. The presenter will explore her own experiences for how she has built successful partnerships with the likes of the Harvard Kennedy Business School Women’s Leadership Board, national sporting teams, State and Federal Governments, the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, and corporate Australia. She will discuss: (1) What commercial opportunities exist in schools; (2) How schools can leverage their own networks to build partnerships; and (3) What defines a successful partnership with mutual benefits.

[D] Drafting the Future: Students and Architects Designing in Tandem

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Aubree Stephens, Upper School Science Teacher | Convent of the Sacred Heart and Julie Nelson, Partner | BKSK Architects

Today’s educators strive to foster interdisciplinary learning, embrace emerging technologies, and instill a sense of global citizenship, all while keeping students engaged. This session will illustrate how education and architecture professionals can collaborate to achieve these goals – starting with an inside look at the “Introduction to Engineering” course at NYC’s all-female Convent of the Sacred Heart, whose athletics building was designed by a female-led team at BKSK Architects. Participants will explore ways of integrating buildings into the classroom experience and leave with ideas for hands-on design challenges rooted in STEM that also demonstrate opportunities for women in the building industry.

[D] Innovative STEM @ YWCPA

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Astra Zeno, Educator; Nina Chantanapumma, Educator; and Lori Dunklin, Educator | Young Women's College Preparatory Academy

The Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy is an all-girls magnet school in the Houston Independent School District. With a rigorous curriculum focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), students are given a high quality education and excel in STEM fields. Our STEM curriculum gives our students the necessary tools to excel in engineering, computer science (CS), and related fields. YWCPA students are exposed to a project–based multidisciplinary STEM+CS curriculum that culminates with an industry externship and a capstone project.

[D] International, Interdisciplinary: Developing Leaders on Two Continents

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Karen Jurjevich, Principal; Heather Friesen, Head, Academics; Giles Pinto, IB Middle Years Program Coordinator; Jennifer Boisvert, Personal Project Coordinator; Hannah Fransen, Social Sciences Teacher; and Scott Harbin, Music Teacher | Branksome Hall (Canada) and Peter Kenny, Managing Director | Branksome Hall Asia (South Korea)

In 2012, Branksome Hall in Toronto, Canada, established a sister school on Jeju Island, South Korea. This joint Korean/Canadian student intercultural experience and outstanding professional development opportunities for faculty have enriched the lives of students and faculty on two continents. Following a brief introduction on the establishment of Branksome Hall Asia, participants will learn how students from both continents collaboratively develop leadership as they engage in an interdisciplinary unit of inquiry. We will introduce the integrative thinking model used in Branksome Hall's Global Leaders In Action curriculum, adapted from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

[D] The Power of Nine: Cultivating a Culture of Greatness among Girls

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM


[D] Raising the Performance of TYWLS Students through the Three P’s: Partnerships, Programs, and Professional Development

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Laura Rebell Gross, Director of Girls’ Education; Sarah Boldin, Director of Educational Programming; Jahleese Ladson, Program Manager; Amanda Rosenblum, Girls' Education Senior Manager, Programs and Partnerships; and Yahaira Gil Maestro, Girls' Education Senior Manager, Programs and Events | Young Women's Leadership Network

In this workshop participants will gather information related to programming strategies from the Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN). Organizations and schools will learn how they can effectively secure and cultivate partner organizations, corporations and individuals to collaborate in advancing their mission. We will share resources related to out-of-school time programming, summer enrichment programs, and events. Participants will learn how they can build a similar framework for the students’ learning enhancement. Additionally, the Girls’ Education (GE) Team will share tips for increasing the effectiveness of teachers through scaffolded professional development opportunities.

[D] Sophie and Athene - It Isn't All Greek to our Girls

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Jane Prescott, Headmistress | Portsmouth High School GDST (United Kingdom)

Our programmes (Sophie and Athene) expose girls to a higher level of academic thought and centre around five themes – reasoning, creative thinking, evaluation, enquiry and information processing. Through a series of debates, discussions, games, puzzles and interactions, girls are encouraged to develop skills and furthermore use them to excellent effect in the learning environment. The programmes encourage girls to take academic risks and to think beyond their own safe boundaries and not be crushed by setbacks. It prepares them mentally to be the leaders of the future. The themes are embedded throughout the taught curriculum and it encourages cross-curricular linking.

[D] The Promises and Entanglements of a Gender-sensitive Curriculum for Girls

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Stephanie McCall, Adjunct Assistant Professor | Teachers College, Columbia University; Kelly Cassaro, Chief Academic Officer | Public Prep; and Josie Carbone, Principal and Lisa Duque, 5th grade Teacher | Girls Prep Bronx Elementary

This panel will present a discussion of current issues and debates about gender and education in single-gender schooling with an emphasis on the implications for girls. The purpose of this discussion is to engage, and untangle, some of the challenges with gender-sensitive curricula from theoretical and practical perspectives. The participants on the panel will come from different roles to diversify the perspectives on the issues. The panel presenters will include a gender in education scholar/researcher, a teacher in an all-girls school, a leader from a single-sex school charter network, and a principal in an all-girls school.

[D] You Cannot Be What You Cannot See: Helping Girls See Themselves as Successful Financial Professionals

DATE/TIME: Monday, February 8, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Eleanor Blayney, Consumer Advocate | Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board); Marguerita Cheng, CEO | Blue Ocean Global Wealth; Karen Schaeffer, Managing Member and Co-Founder | Schaeffer Financial LLC; and Lazetta Braxton, Founder/CEO | Financial Fountains, LLC

Four successful female certified financial planners (CFP®) will share their professional stories and roles as Advocates for CFP Board’s Women Initiative, launched in 2013 to reverse the long-standing dearth of women CFP®s. They’ll discuss the critical importance of financial literacy in promoting girls’ well-being and self-esteem, as well as igniting their ambitions to become CFP®s to help others with their own personal finances. A major objective of this session will be to introduce attendees to the WIN Advocate program as a resource they can bring into schools to help girls envision themselves as professionals and leaders in a traditionally male field.