2016 Global Forum - Breakout Sessions

[A] Asian Voices – A Conversation among Asian All Girls’ School Leaders

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Rosario Oreta-Lapus, President | Miriam College (Philippines); Carol Lui, Foreign Affairs Coordinator | Hakuho Girls' High School (Japan); and Peter Kenny, Managing Director | Branksome Hall Asia (Korea)

Come join a global conversation among leaders of all girls’ schools in Asia highlighting the successes they have achieved and the challenges they expect in the future. Discussion will focus on topics such as the history and evolution of all-girls schools in Asia as well as the strengths and key competitive challenges of all girls schools in this region. Presenters will offer insights based on their school’s particular history and will provide examples of the wide range of programs being offered, from STEAM to girl mentorship.

[A] Asian Voices – A Conversation among Asian All Girls’ School Leaders

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM


[A] Effective STEM and Service Learning Curriculum for Girls

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Stacy Klein-Gardner, Stacy Klein-Gardner, Ph.D. | Center for STEM Education for Girls and Kim Himes, Math Teacher| Harpeth Hall School

Each summer the Center for STEM Education for Girls ( hosts two-week camps for girls from multiple local high schools called the STEM Summer Institutes. Our curriculum revolves around real engineering design projects for the Lwala (Kenya) Community Alliance. The curriculum is truly STEM integrated and is an effective model for school-wide STEM based programming. This workshop will share the research results and curriculum from these programs, including the opportunity to participate in one engineering design project. Tips for authentic assessment of this work will be provided and links to standards made.

[A] Expanding the School Campus: Lincoln School's Partnerships with Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Suzanne Fogarty, Head of School and Ruth Marris-Macaulay, History Department Head | Lincoln School; Iris Bahar, Engineering Professor | Brown University; and Laura Briggs, Head, Department of Architecture and Associate Professor of Architecture | Rhode Island School of Design

We live in a world where our students’ opportunities to learn must extend beyond our traditional secondary school campus. Lincoln School -- an all-girls Quaker school in Providence, RI -- partners with RISD and Brown to create courses in architecture and engineering (respectively). Offering these college-level, STEAM-related courses for the young women of Lincoln is an ongoing partnership requiring collaboration, flexibility and a shared vision. Educators from Lincoln, RISD and Brown will discuss the challenges and rewards of partnerships between secondary and university education.

[A] Exploring Identity with Children

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Khairah Klein, Kindergarten Head Teacher; Melissa Blough, Kindergarten Head Teacher; and Ann Vieira, Kindergarten Head Teacher | The Spence School

We will explore all facets of identity as it relates to children. Using the guiding idea of “We are all the same. We are all different,” we will reflect on our teaching. When it comes to conversations about race, ethnicity, feelings/personality, and religion, children are often made to feel silenced for asking questions and digging deeper. In this workshop, you will come away with tools for better understanding difficult and even uncomfortable conversations. You will be able to help your students navigate these discussions amongst themselves as well. We will explore these themes through integrated projects and carefully chosen read-alouds.

[A] For the Love of Learning

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Mary Williams, Executive Head | Roedean School (SA) (South Africa); Ivanka Acquisto, Head of School | St Stithians Girls’ College (South Africa); Celeste Gilardi, Head of School | St Stithians Girls’ Preparatory (South Africa); Roger Mark Loring, Headmaster | St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls (South Africa); and Debbie Meyer, Principal, Pre-School | St Dominic’s School for Girls (South Africa)

“Education is the greatest engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker can become the head of a mine, that the child of farm workers can become the president.” – Nelson Mandela 

In this session, three well-resourced schools in South Africa, Roedean School (SA), St Stithian School for Girls and St Dominic’s School for Girls, demonstrate how the lives of those around their schools can be changed through education. Twenty years after the demise of Apartheid education, South African education is still floundering. The causes of the education crisis are complex and rooted in a mix of past realities of division and poor infrastructure, combined with mistakes in the present. The bottom line is that schools are not producing enough well skilled competent matriculation pupils. Further, the teaching profession is not attracting sufficient graduates. The task of reforming and revitalizing education in South Africa is too big for the government alone.

The presentation highlights three school initiatives - The Roedean Academy, The Thandulawazi Maths and Science Academy, and the Tambo Project - which have significant influence on South Africa’s English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Literacy, Life Skills education for learners from under resourced communities.

• The Roedean Academy is an initiative that enables 100 girls from 2 under-resourced schools to receive excellent tuition in Mathematics, English, Physical Science and Accounting. The girls are taught by Roedean teachers, using Roedean facilities. Roedean also provides the girls with additional support, educational excursions, career advice and guidance in order to expand their opportunities.

• Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy (St Stithians Girls’ College and Preparatory): partner programme. Multi-pronged approach to address Maths and Science. Includes intern – teacher training programme, teacher development programme, extra tuition and teaching in core subjects, bursaries.

• Tambo Literacy and Life-Skills Programme (St Dominic’s Girls):  Partner Programme with Denel Aviation. Building libraries in railway containers, stocking libraries, learner training programmes in media skills. Teacher self-help programme.

[A] InsideOut, a Kindergarten to Year 12 Self-Leadership Programme, Enhancing Leadership Identity and Encouraging Girls to Flourish

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Jenny Ethell, Principal and Debra Perich, Director, InsideOut | Perth College (Australia)

Perth College has a 113-year history of educating remarkable women. It is one of the oldest independent girls’ schools in Western Australia and prepares young women to think creatively, embrace personal excellence, live generously and lead.

The School’s self-leadership programme, InsideOut, equips students for success in study, career and life in general. Launched in 2012, it is based on a positive psychology model, is tailor-made for each year group, and prepares girls to face an increasingly complex world with confidence, courage and resilience.

This presentation shares many of the positive interventions for staff and students across several year levels between Kindergarten and Year 12. It includes the programme’s successes as well as what has been learned from mistakes and the subsequent changes that have been implemented. The presentation also focuses on InsideOut’s significant research findings of increased leadership, leadership identify and confidence following the Year 10 programme delivered in conjunction with the University of Western Australia.

InsideOut utilises the latest science from positive psychology to equip future female leaders with simple and tested actions that can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, cultivate a lasting sense of wellbeing and happiness, and allow young women to apply their strengths and flourish into the best version of themselves.

[A] Leveraging Prominent Women Leaders to Empower Current Students: Examples of Success from Two All Girls' Schools

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Theresa Kiernan, Director of Advancement and Mary Sciarrillo, Head of School | Trinity Hall School; and Lauren Lek, Head of School and Jessica Hooper, Assistant Head of School | Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Mentorship is all abuzz in today’s world, especially as it relates to helping provide young women with access to the most sought after jobs and careers. Come learn about how two schools, Trinity Hall and the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, have reimagined networking between today’s female leaders and current students. Partnering with some of the most successful women in business, politics, entrepreneurship, education, engineering, and many more, both schools are now being heralded as a place of synergy for the next generation of women leaders to learn from those currently in the workforce about what it takes to be successful.

[A] Make Global Positioning Your Admissions Driver

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Sarah Johnston, Associate Head for Enrollment Management; Terry McCue, Associate Head for College Counseling; Joe Vogel, Director of Center for Global Citizenship; and Bill Christ, Head of School | Hathaway Brown School

Hathaway Brown’s Center for Global Citizenship puts a broad understanding of the world at the heart of school culture and curriculum. In addition to completely globalizing our outlook, the Center has become a vital admissions tool in our local market – while launching HB students toward top international affairs programs in US.. colleges and to an ever-increasing number of universities abroad. There are many compelling reasons for becoming a school without borders. This workshop shows how going global can be a passport to enhanced admissions within the school, PK-12, and to premier colleges at every longitude and latitude.

[A] Middle School: The Magic Years

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Danielle Heard, Head of School | Nashoba Brooks School; Eliza O'Connell, Head of School | Village School; and Chris Wilson, Head of School | Esperanza Academy

Both locally and internationally, when communities are faced with the task of identifying one intervention that can have the greatest, lasting positive impact, education of middle school girls rises to the top of the list. Education of middle school girls can have a transformational impact on individuals, families, and communities. With this in mind we hope to engage multiple perspectives in thinking about how we can maximize educational opportunities and outcomes for our middle school girls. Join us for a conversation about critical issues facing girls’ schools as viewed through a middle school lens.

[A] Nurturing Global Leaders with a Social Conscience: Educating High-achieving Girls

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Rachel Dent, Head | The Abbey School (United Kingdom)

The Abbey School is one of the UK’s leading independent day schools for girls aged 3-18. Its pupils are academically high-achieving, but education is about more than exam results. The Abbey is committed to developing the leadership skills and social conscience of its students, preparing them to make a difference in the world. Find out: what motivates today’s high-achieving girls; why leadership and social awareness start from the earliest school days; and how the school’s pupils help local refugee children. The presenter will offer case studies of current students and alumnae.

[A] Reaching the World’s Most Marginalized Girls: What Works in Educating Girls Globally

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Christina Kwauk, Girls' Education Consultant | The Brookings Institution

Over the last decade and a half, the number of girls out of school around the globe has been cut virtually in half; adolescent girls and women now complete more years of schooling than ever before. What lessons have we learned about getting the most marginalized girls around the world into school and learning? This session, drawing from a comprehensive analysis of the latest research from around the world, will explore what works in educating girls globally. The presenters will also highlight the evidence on the massive social and economic returns on investment from educating girls. Finally, the presenters will outline five big key issues in girls’ education that must be prioritized by governments, practitioners, advocates, and industry leaders in order to fulfill the new Sustainable Development Goals.

[A] There is More in Us Than We Think - Empowering Girls Through Round Square IDEALS

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Rachael Westgarth, Director of Strategy and Operations | Round Square (United Kingdom); Martha Perry, Principal | St Clement's School (Canada); Trudy Hall, Head of School | Emma Willard School; Dorothy Byers, Head of School | St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School (Canada); and Linda Parker, Head of School | The Bermuda High School for Girls (Bermuda)

Round Square (RS) schools share a passion for experiential learning. Together we ensure that our pupils have every opportunity to achieve in ways and to levels beyond their perceived limits, and the limits imposed by others. For girls, especially, this is habit-forming and creates a blueprint for succeeding in all life's challenges. The RS network is internationally-minded in its approach to education and learning, which creates a strong foundation for expecting the same of students. In this workshop, the Heads of five Girls' Schools in the RS network will share experiences and impacts of the innovations, service engagements and international partnerships they have created through RS.

[A] World Building Washington 2100: Young Women Imagine the Future

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Kisha Palmer, Director of Women as Global Leaders and Chanel Summers, Sound Designer, Innovator | Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Join Audio Designer and World Builder Chanel Summers and Leadership Facilitator Kisha Palmer in a conversation about harnessing the power and principles of World Building to ignite imagination, creative problem solving and interdisciplinary collaboration in young learners. Utilizing project material from the first World Building Project at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Chanel and Kisha will share process, guiding principles and outcomes in this session. Participants will learn how to design and support open-ended inquiry through World Building.

[A] Young Women's Leadership Schools at 20: Lessons from the Past and Promises for the Future

DATE/TIME: Sunday, February 7, 3:10 PM-4:00 PM

PRESENTERS: Ann Tisch, Founder; Laura Rebell-Gross, Director of Girls' Education; and Jahleese Ladson, Program Manager | Young Women's Leadership Network; Lynn McBee, Executive Director | Young Women's Preparatory Network; Brenda Rever, Founder | Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (BLSYW); Mary Stillman, Founder and Executive Director | Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls; and Jeanne Goka, Principal | Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

This is a panel of Young Women's Leadership School Founders from around the country - New York City, New York State, Maryland, Missouri, and Texas. Each panel member has been involved from the beginning in the opening and growing of an all girls' public school, either with a community school district or as a charter school. The opportunities for opening new all girls public schools continue to proliferate around the country. Come and have the conversation about our history and learn from our 20 years leading a movement. There are five district public schools in New York City and there will soon be eight district public schools in the State of Texas. In addition, there is a new charter school opening in North Carolina in September 2016. Meet these founders and pioneers and hear their inspirational stories!