Laurel School: Outdoor Pre-Primary Co-Teacher (Posted 01.30.18)

Laurel School’s Outdoor Pre-Primary program offers a unique teaching experience. Two patient, nature loving co- teachers and twelve adventurous 3 – 5 year-old children spend five mornings a week playing and learning while exploring our 140-acre Butler Campus. Our program fosters an authentic, emergent curriculum which encourages each child’s sense of wonder. Our teachers understand how to scaffold learning by observing the children’s interests in the natural world, asking higher order thinking questions, and authentically sprinkling meaningful activities into an experiential learning setting. The class utilizes our state of the art yurt when children’s lines of inquiry are best met in an indoor space or when the weather requires shelter. A candidate for this position must be able to work collaboratively with others, needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills and have a passion for working in a outdoor environment regardless of the weather. Our co-teachers equally share in all aspects of the program while they create an exciting and stimulating vision which inspires and motivates all. Click here for more information and a complete job description.

Girl in class