Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary: Middle School Special Education Teacher (Posted: 02.05.18)

Public Prep is seeking a Middle School Special Education Teacher. Special Education Teachers at Public Prep work alongside Middle School Teachers and are jointly held accountable for the success of each of the students in their classes and must consistently plan for and monitor the progress of each of their students in order to meet this responsibility. All teachers meet regularly with their co-teachers, grade-level team members and other collaborators in order to address all students’ access to curriculum and learning goals. In Middle School, they also work extremely closely with their department teams across grade levels. All Co-teaching classrooms reflect the use of a variety of co-teaching models. All teachers also work closely with School Aides and Instructional Leadership Team, who provide non-academic support to the team and support teachers in maximizing their performance, respectively.  Click here  for more information and a complete job description.

Girl in class